Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm taking a break form the holidays before the holidays even start! Well...that's what it feels like. Too much has happened good and horrible that I just want to tell you about the good. My kids never surprise me in their funniness and this is how the week went-

Noah: "Guess what? I know how to spell PU...It's a P and then a U." Genuis! Ted couldn't even talk because he was laughing SO hard hitting the dashboard with his hand. We are all about slapstick in our fam.

Noah: " Mom do you know which is bigger...the sun or the moon?"
Mom: " The sun Noah."
Noah: " No mom. That would be an X." Can you tell that we have been watching Family Fued a lot lately?

Then McKay decided to bear histestimony on church yesterday and words cannot describe the NOT the trepidation I felt because it is his goal in life to be a stand up comedian. He knows that Sacrament Meeting is not the place for that, so it went something like this-

McKay: "Hello. I'm McKay (Last name) for those ofyou who don't know me.(pause) I'd like to bearmy testimony and talk about my brother and sister. (by now I was completely red and giving him the cut off sign to stop...) My brother and sister like to play mom and dad and my brother Noah likes to be the dad. He's a good dad! My sister likes to play the mom sometimes, but what she really likes to pretend is to be the dog. We have a for real dog named Cricket, but she likes to be the dog. They like to pretend toplaythings that they love and that's neat. Okay...and then he closes to my relief. of those experiences that youreally have to hear me tell the story to get the FULL effect, but I need to write it down for my sake.

Gotta run and take the little guy to preschool and get my hair cut.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This is my cousin Danny and his awesome wife Erin. They are wanting to adopt a child and need your help! If you know anyone that is looking for a great adoption couple-this is the one! I've listed the link below-just follow directions and you can find out all about them. Don't them down please. We know that there is a little one for them that they can care for and love-

Click on 'search adoption profile' and search by our profile name, 'DanielandErin.'
Ted and I wish you the best Danny and Erin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ted and I were watching the Late Show with Jay Leno (I was late!) and a commercial came on that started with a picture of a man looking at himself in the mirror at his gray hair. Then the commercial proceeded to be a long drawn out drama of how long it would take to color and you must really use this brand of hair coloring because it takes five minutes. So that's it in a nutshell and the whole 2 1/2 minutes of this man-drama Ted was the DRAMA!
First second it started he said...
"AWww shut up!."
Then the next second was...
"What are you complaining about?"
Then he finally said...
"At least you HAVE hair!"

So that was where our night ended with me in tears because I was laughing SOOO hard and I told him that I was going to blog about this in the morning. Nothing is sacred in this house-hee!

We celebrated Noah's fifth birthday and I can't believe he's five. I am in denial! He's my baby! ON the other hand he did show his age by his response to the gifts he was given. He got a lot of the kid kinetiks and when he opened them up he said "You've got to be kidding me?!?" I don't know where that came from. Then Von bought them some new jeans and Noah opened the bag and said "WHAT?!?" Where did these ingrates come from??? He's demanding to go to kindergarten now because everyone tells him he can go to Kindergarten when he's five. That's great!

We made a goal last night during Family Home Moment to read our scriptures everyday. I'm really excited about this and we are starting at 6:30 AM after I go walking at 5:30 AM-ahem. Well...this morning we did read our scriptures and the morning was so much better! I'd rather not talk about the walking-alright already!!! Oh! Just for your information Kayte can lead the music just as well as Julianne could in FHE. You know what I'm talking about. I could not stop cracking a smile! She is so darn cute! OKay- I have mountain of laundry and it's not going to wash itself!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just had to post these!!!

*TAGGED by the brother in law*
So Dave tagged me (Adri) and not Ted too. I don't know how I feel about this because he tagged all the other people in couples. I think that I am an open book, so I really don't know if any of this will be a "wow" moment. Anyways here are the rules...
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
1. If I eat Cornflakes I HAVE to have peanut butter mixed with honey in a cup that I can get a little bit on my spoon and then get a bite of cornflakes. My mom gets all the blame on that one because she started it. I remember friends laughing when I would tell them that was the way to eat cornflakes and realizing that my family was the ONLY one that ate them like that.
2. My name is Adrienne and I am a paper addict! I love scrapbook paper and the plethora of it available to people like me. If I could wallpaper my walls with papers that I love-I would do it! It has been a well known fact that I don't get into sewing (quilting) because fabric would become like paper to me. Let's face it-paper is WAY cheaper then fabric. Right Mom? I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I'm in a scrapbook store.
3. I am a talk radio junkie! I like to run my errands when Rush, Hannity, Savage...are on. They are my kind of guys! We go waaayyy back to when my dad would listen to them and I got hooked. And that leads into my next fact...
4. I do NOT understand the liberal mind!!! I'm as conservative as they come and it blows my mind when someone says that Hillary Clinton or Obama would be good for this country. What are you smoking?!? I could really get into this, but without completely alienating my flam'in liberal friends...I'll stop.
5. I am obsessed with smells! My favorite scent in the entire world is an awesome vanilla scent. Like Mexican vanilla. My house, clothes, kids have to smell clean and good or you are
just disowned-just kidding!
6. I have been off of Dr. Pepper for 5 days now and I have to say...WHY??? According to my friend Kimber-"It is the nectar of the gods." I have to agree and now I'm trying to delude myself that water is much better. It is so not working-
Okay that's it! That's me in a nutshell. A crazy, caffeine-addicted, ultra conservative, neurotic, great-smelling woman!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We Love the Diamond Backs!!!!

So...I've gotten a few complaints that I need to write a new post. I probably would if I felt like people were actually reading it!!! Thanks Deb for leaving a comment! That totally made my day. And to those who will not take anon. comments-I can't post on your blog and that makes me sad because I read them EVERYDAY. I know that I am obsessed. That is another post on another day.

So we are moved in and I would love to take pictures but I can't find the camera. I swear I packed it and labeled the box! I love my new home and I cannot tell you the difference that paint makes. Our whole house is painted!!! NO more white walls that are painted with flat paint. You have no idea how dirty your house looks when you have white primer flat paint everywhere. My kids would just look at it and it would get smudges on it.

We are slowly getting things unpacked and last week on Monday we discovered a tragedy that occurred amongst the move. My digital piano doesn't work! I finally called and called and got an appt for the repair people to come on Thursday, but I have been able to teach piano for over 2 weeks and not having a piano is an absolute nightmare! You never know what you have until it's gone! I know that it's totally cliche, but so true. My life does revolve around music and I become a sad person when I can't play. There have been more than a few nights were Ted will come home to me playing while chaos is abounding ALL around me. Sometimes I'm playing crazy fast classical music and sometimes it is hymn arrangements because I want desperatley to find peace and want my kids to live another day! It is the peacemaker in the home.

So that's an update along with the fact that we are on Fall Break from school. My children think that they have to swim multiple times a day in our new pool. The water is freezing! They are outside for like 5-10 minutes and want to go back inside. It takes us that long to get ready to go outside-arrggg! Maybe this will wear off and I can actually get stuff done around inside of the house. Oh- another funny thing is that while we were moving the kids came home Monday (Oct. 1) and started to tell me that they are so excited because they got their pictures taken and I'm asking them why and of course they tell me that it was picture day. Let me just tell you that their teachers probably think that I've been totally neglecting my kids because they showed up to school in whatEVER I could find and Kayte's hair looked like stringy noodles and McKay's hair was a shaggy mess. I don't think that they were even matching. It was a dark day in the Finch house. So...I've decided to add some pictures of my cute kiddos just to make me feel better. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moving Day!!!
We got the keys last night and Ted just about cleared out the garage and took it all to the new place. If you knew what the garage looked like...he's basically a hero!!! I have two friends who are coming to help me this morning and I'm SOOO grateful! I finally went to Urgent Care yesterday after my sister told me I should go and I have a sinus infection and since last night it has ALL moved into my throat. I really have no voice. The fam. doesn't mind, but I can't sing! What's a girl to do? So after feeling totally sick and stressed from moving my sister Julianne called me last night at 9:30 and was so excited because she LOVES school (Paul Mitchell.) I'm excited because come Christmas time I'll have a new do for my hair when I get back to AZ. She made me happy because she was so happy. I like that! I need to be happier!
I went to Time Out For Women on Friday and Saturday and it was AWESOME!!! I will not ever miss one! I have finally found the motivation in my life to become MORE! More of a mother, more of a wife, more of a musician, more of a friend, more like a daughter of God! It was so peaceful to sit and listen to beautiful music by Jenny Frogley, Michael McLean, and the guys who did the Nashville tribute to Joseph Smith. The Lord knows that I feel the spirit so much stronger through music and I don't think the tears stopped flowing the whole time I was there. It was something I needed so much that I wasn't aware of. Does that make sense?
Well...I'm moving so I'll be out of commission for a few days. See you later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was ONLY 95 degrees yesterday and we expect mid-80's on Saturday.
That's all I have to say other than my kiddos told me it was cold yesterday when they
walked to the bus in the morning. Who would have thought that we would feel cold
when it's 85 degrees outside?
Not me!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Count down T minus 12 days and
zero brain cells left
we move into the new house lovingly called
the "pool house."
With all the moving I have done this should be easy right? We have 3 days to move and make sure the old house spotless and the new house in at least some sort of organized chaos. I keep chanting "I can do this! I can do this! Really...I can do this?" It is my daily mantra.
What do you call someone that has:
3 kids
15 piano students
3 children taking piano lessons
1 kid in baseball (2 days practice and Sat. baseball games in 108 degrees)
1 child in Cub Scouts
30 boys in Cub Scouts ( We are Cub Masters)
1 husband
1 Relief Society in which to put on Women at the Well
1 huge dog named Cricket
2 school classes that need parental help
100 boxes too little...
IN DENIAL and counting the hours for Time Out For Women!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sister Loralee!!!
My sister is awesome! She is one of the most talented people I know. I try not to be green with envy, but come on-she can sew!!! I love talking to her and listen to her no-nonsense approach on how not to strangle my hubby...hee! She's great and I absolutely LOVE her!
"Come on baby shake your body-do the conga"

This is a song that came on the radio this morning while taking the kids to school and made me smile the whole way back. Whenever I hear Gloria Estefan sing this song I think of my friends back in high school. I can picture Mindy and Jessica doing a mean "rat-tat-tat on the drums." They were SO much fun! It also takes me back to Lake Powell and the house boat.

Have you ever noticed that certain songs can take you back to really old memories and smells? Everytime I hear a Carpenters' song I think of our house on Cresent Point Rd. I remember my sisters and I doing pretending that "rainy days on Sundays always get me down." To this day-I hear Lionel Ritchie and Whitney Housten and think about my dad. I swear my parents must of laughed so hard at us girls pretending that we were "Ballerina Girl."

I hear any "Envogue" and I think about our showchoir competitions in Burbank. Man-those Burbank kids could rip itup! They were awesome and I always wanted to an "Envogue" song, but we had to keep things G-rated at our school.

Everytime I hear Garth Brooks I think of my cousin Debbie in high school. She understood country music before it became popular and a big thing at our school. I only listened to R&B and LOVED it! It's been a while since I've delved into that style.

If Toni comes on -you know Toni Braxton! I think of Ted. If he could be with anyone else besides would of been Toni!

If I listen to the jazz station on the radio I totally think about my dad and the fact that we always complained in the car when he put that music on. Can I just say...I love "smooth jazz...KYOT."

Okay-I just realized I could go on FOREVER with this entry! I'm just so grateful for music and the emotion and inspiration that it can spark. I love it when I listen to a song and it becomes like the "balm of Gilead." It can soothe the soul and relate to those emotions deep down that you can't put into words.

...there is nothing better than to crank up the volume to "Hotel California" and just feel cool.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Private Matters

Noah can officially say "sweaty." I don't know how I feel about this! He's getting to big. He also thinks he needs to go to the "YCA" (YMCA) to go swimming everyday because it is soooo hot! His best friend is his 3 yr. old cousin Jayne and they beg Tori and I to play with each other everyday! Kayte is busy being bossy! She is a little me-so sorry! We had a nice little chat the other day and it went something like this...

Kayte: "MOM!!!! Noah kicked me in the pe***!"

Me: " don't have a pe***."

Kayte: "I don't?" (With the most confusing look on her face.)

Me: "Those are boy parts and you have girl parts."

Kayte: "OOOHHHH!" Then she runs off to play needing no further explanation-whew!

McKay has no problem dropping the "p-bomb." Whoever said it was important to teach your children the correct words to explain their private parts didn't know there would be kids like mine!

On to another subject...Yesterday was Ted, Tori, and my brother Von's birthday-oh and cousin Jason's too. CRAZY day, but to end it with Panda Express and a Coldstone Creamery cake was the best! Singing "Happy Birthday" to numerous people was fun for the kiddos.

Ted and I get to have a date night (I know...what is that!) at the D-backs game. I'm so happy we get to go because the next morning he is leaving for Missouri to help move his brother's family out here. Heaven help me that I won't be in a mental institution, the house will still be intact, and the kids ALIVE!

I'm going to try to enjoy this holiday weekend as best I can. Labor day is such a fitting name because what else are you to do with no place to go and a house full of kids? We are 99% sure we are moving at the end of Sept to a home with a pool and an extra room-YEAH! We move so many times-we are like nomads! Anyways-I'm packing and that means de-junking. Can I get another YEAH!!!? Although- Ted has expressed his wishes that I not touch his stuff-darn!

OKay-gotta go mow the lawn and get this house ready to be shown!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Digital Scrapbook page!!!

Can they just stay little?
This picture is SO telling! My kids are all about being as big as they can with all the crazy energy they have. Kayte is too independent for her own good and never wants to hold hands unless she is completely scared of something-which is rare. Noah idolizes his big brother and will ONLY hold McKay's hand. McKay is a good older brother and every once in a blue moon remembers that his brother and sister are smaller than he is. Everday there is a massive collision of limbs flying in all directions, and some are from our four-legged furry friend. There most favorite thing to do afterschool is play "slippery slid." Lest you think it has anything to do with and actual slide on the ground (old school)- you would be wrong. My kids take out the sprinkler and put it under the see where I'm going with this! Everyone including the dog, Cricket, gets involved. Up until this weekend we have had a net, but due to serious hanging of kids on it, it is gone! Do I dare let my kids do slippery slid? How can I resist my little Noah telling me he is sooo "smeaty" and needs to cool off? So yesterday-I let them do it while I called my health insurance and made sure I already met my deductible! Ted and I agree that a net needs to purchased post haste!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fishing at Glen and Rachel's in Eager, AZ

My little fisherman!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Celebrate good times COME ON!!!! Kids are in school and I'm dancing in the streets! Noah does not know what to do with himself and neither do I. We are having summer hangover and in a week I'll be up and at 'em again, but until then I'll finish my prescription on Vicodin and Motrin (post-surgery) and lay low!

Pictures will be forth-coming from our numerous trips to the White Mountains the past couple of months with a travel-log. I told Ted we definitely need to have a summer home because I literally melt (no-not from water) the minute my hand touches the door handle. I know what I signed up for moving here and all but ALRIGHT ALREADY with 112 degrees. I at least have to say something in my posts about how stinkin' hot it is or I wouldn't be a true California city girl!

Okay-so now that the kiddos are in school I will be posting more! Come on-have faith in me! I can do this!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tagged! You're it! So my sis-in-law tagged me with this meme and so here it goes-

4 jobs I have held:
1. California Yogurt Company (not good if your trying to keep a trim looking bod)
2. I worked for a periodontist and all I have to say about that is PLEASE for the love of Pete-brush and floss!
3. I worked for Matrix Marketing in Provo-
4. I teach piano...still...

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Hitch-mostly for the dancing!
2. Pirates because of Captain Jack Sparrow...BUT after the 3rd POTC I love Will Turner because he looked like a pirate at the end and the whole beach scene...need I say more?
3. Pride and Prejudice -I LOVE the soundtrack on that movie.
4. The Saint because that is the movie that Ted and I went to see on our first and only date. It doesn't hurt that Val Kilmer is in it either.

4 places I have lived: (just four?)
1. San Diego
2. Utah
3. Missouri
4. Arizona

4 Categories of TV programming I enjoy:
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Heroes
4. Anything home improvement-wise....and Cosby re-runs!

4 Places I have been on Holiday:
1. What's a holiday?
2. San Diego
3. San Diego
4. San Diego

4 of my Favorite Dishes:
1. Pretty much anything made by someone other than myself.
2. GOOD steak or my dad's tri-tip
3. anything potato
4. I'm pretty much game for anything but fish and cottage cheese-

4 websites I visit (almost) daily:
1. My bank account
2. My e-mail
3. Other blogs
4. Baby center-lds board- for the life of me I can't figure out why!

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. On a trip with my husband without kids for at least a week.
2. Preferably Hawaii
3. I'm not picky
4. Hey mom- Can you watch the kiddos?

Just kidding...well sorta!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wow! It's been awhile. I will give an update of all the Finch happenings and it starts with a trip to the TMJ specialist and a surgery date for July. This will be my third surgery and hopefully will last me just as long as my last surgery (12 years.) I can't believe it is May and I'd have to say this is the most crazy busy month ever!!! We get out of school and head out to Cali (yeah!) to escape the heat (107 degree) and get enough cool weather to last us until the next visit.

McKay is doing awesome in baseball! The coach started betting him that if he got a double play that he would get him ice cream and if he didn't during the game Mckay would owe him ice cream. McKay has gotten ice cream every single game! He is just really good and Ted and I keep thinking that if we push and continue in this he can be our retirement if he goes pro! Hee!

Kayte is trying to get used to the heat. Last week she suffered from heat stroke and basically can't be outside for more than 15 minutes in the afternoon. She got strep last week and is doing much better. She is all about braids in her hair and everything "girly." Heaven help us! She is a spitfire and you can't get away with much. Especially her brothers!

Noah is just so darn cute! He is content to watch TV if I let him. So I just push him out into the backyard at 7:30 AM (my neighbors love me) and let him play until he is just "too smeaty." His favorite thing to do is antagonize Cricket. She is his new best friend and comes inside for a good portion of the day-much to my dismay! Noah is quite the flip-flop collector and snob. He has too many pairs and has to wear each pair during the day. He calls them "flips" or "flops" not flip-flops. He wants to do his swimming lessons so bad and everyday we have a battle of me trying to explain what June is and that when June comes around he gets to take his lessons. The battle usually ends in him telling me that he's not my best friend!

Okay-so that 's a quick update!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Curse you ALUMAWOOD!"
So...we went back to California for a "working" vacation and will get to see more of it in April so we can get a job done. As far as the job goes Ted says that it is worthy of a journal entry, but to be quite honest-I don't know if it something I want to remember! Everything that could have gone wrong-went wrong! I'm trying to look at the positive side and realize that we were able to be helped and strengthened to get through it and just simply make things work! It was not as easy as we thought it would be to put up this Alumawood Arbor because the parts were not the correct size and the pieces did not all fit despite the company's fine reputation. Maybe we just weren't getting it, but we will be "goin' back to Cali" to finish Easter weekend. (At least we're hoping. Cross your fingers and hope that we don't die!)
On the brighter side of things-We got to visit and spend time with some of the most amazing and incredible friends that we have SOOOO missed and be with my family that I absolutely love and missed a great deal! Isn't it awesome that you can go back and essentially pick up right where you left off? It totally recharged my batteries and am excited to see them all again! My mom and friend Susan rendered a great service by watching the kids so I could work with Ted.
So I have a new hero to add to my "hero list." Her name is Linda and I got to see her when we went back to Cali. I almost didn't recognize her. Before I left to come here to the place that is "hotter than Hades" we embarked on a goal to lose weight and get into shape. Needless to say I have not done my part! BUT Linda has lost over 60 pounds in 6 months!!!! Did I mention 60?!? I felt like such a schmuck! She looks absolutely incredible and her whole demeanor has changed. She just glows and you can tell that she feels good. You what to know what? I WANT that! She has totally inspired me to get into gear and "git er done!" So-by July- I will get to my goal so I can be like my new hero! But that is not the only thing that is awesome about her. She is just a great person and I really feel blessed to know her!
OKay- so now I'm going to finish my Weight Watcher's shake (1 point-yeah!) and get to cleaning my house. Yes- I consider this my workout because if you saw the state of my house post-vacation, piano, Cubscouts, birthday, would take pity and tell me go for it!
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just being silly!

Tonight was the night!

(I know-I don't know how to rotate images yet!)

23 racers

3 coveted ribbons

1 hr and 45 minutes

The fans were going wild!

Will the Flaming Flying Finch Eagle win?


McKay won 2nd place and the award for the

"Most Unique Car."

We are so proud of him because he designed the car and told Ted what to do and they worked great together!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The title says it all! I am so pathetic because I'm a A.I. junkie! I feel like this is the best show of all time (along with Cosby show.) I get a rush from just watching it and then I just want to sing all the time. Not like I could ever be on American Idol, but just the dream of thinking "what if." My mom told me that my dad was pretty hooked to it too and I can just see him cringing and raising his eyebrows in hopes to somehow help that singer get on the right pitch and not flat. I would probably do the same but I have DVR-YES!!! I can quickly fast forward so as not to feel completely embarassed for the incompetent singer and get right onto Simon Cowell's witty remarks. Did I mention that I love Simon? I think that he is spot on with his remarks. I probably shouldn't watch with anyone because I feel like I have to make comments on everything to the point that I have trained Ted very well! He knows now what underpitch (flat) sounds like and good tone quality...I have done well-hee! Okay that's all for now. Until tomorrow when they tell 2 people good bye...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Days Go By!!!

I don't think I could possibly recount all that has happened since I last blogged-so I won't. I did want to write down a very cute and awesome experience our family had over the weekend though.

Ted's parents, sister (and fam.), nephew (and fam.), and our little family decided to head up to the mountains and go 4-wheeling on Saturday. Ted had been there the previous weekend with "the boys" and was leading the way. Much to our surprise...he didn't! He couldn't remember the turn off road when we got to the town of Roosevelt and had no idea where to go. We had all of our kids in the car plus Tori's boys Ethan and Gabe. We decided to say a prayer and I asked Heavenly Father to help Ted remember the way and to make it clear in his mind the way to get there. All the boys were quiet and just watched Ted to see what he would do next. (This was the one and only time there was remotely any sort of quiet during the whole trip!) We just decided to keep going down the road and all of a sudden Ted remembered where he was going and started seeing the landmarks that looked familiar. He said "Oh, I know where we are." Then out of the very back row in our car Gabe (8 yrs) said in a "hallelujah-esque" voice "th-ANK you Heavenly Father for giving Uncle Ted his mind back!"

We are still laughing about that and you had to have been there, but that was so dang funny! We did say a prayer of gratitude after and my testimony of prayer was reaffirmed that day and hopefully it will be something those kids remember too. We had a great time and came back SOO dirty, tired and happy! Isn't that what life is all about?

We finally got over all the sick bugs that we have had for about 6 weeks and lo and behold-I got sick. I slept the whole day yesterday and feel a ton better. OKay-enough for now. And by the way-I changed my settings so that you all can comment like I know you want to comment-hee!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

It seems as if I haven't blogged in quite a while, but truth be told I have written 2 huge posts. Unfortunately-they have been eaten up by the website each time. In my attempt to do it again I will save all material on a word document and THEN post it. For the life of me I can't recall fully what the other entries where about, so I'm just going to write.

I woke up last night at about 12:30 and couldn't go back to bed till about 3 am. Needless to say that today will be a long day when all I do is dream about going to bed early. I had a panic attack. I haven't had one of those in a while and they are really hard to explain to anyone that has never experienced it. After 9 years of married life Ted has finally realized that he just needs to tell me that everything is okay and give me a big hug and that's it. He cannot solve my anxiety issues. Last night I kept on thinking over and over that I needed to do SO much more with my family. It is so easy to not be involved fully. I sometimes think that they benefit more when I'm not involved so much because I can be such a nag. Well...that thinking is over and gone and I have thought about things that I need to change in my life so I can be the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. I feel that if I write them down I will feel more accountable and if you happen to stop by and read-make sure to ask me how I'm doing on these! Okay so here it goes...

*I will love on my children ALL the time. They will get kisses and hugs even when my 8 yr old says "Mom your squishing me and you can only kiss me once!"

*I will read to my kids. I do not do this enough and you know what? My kids love to read and to be read to. What makes me so busy that I can't even read?

*I will learn to say NO to extra "stuff."

*I will NOT take anymore piano student because of the above.

*My children will only play X-box on the first Sat. of every month and we will play as a family. Believe me, I have already felt the backlash and rewards from this rule.

*I will learn how my husband communicates by reading "The Five Languages of Love."

*I will teach my kids that even though it my be "cute" that they have or want boyfriends/girlfriends it is not what the Lord has said. They need to wait until they are 16. (This episode happened last night-) I have seen to many devastating effects that come when parents think that there is no harm in "cute" things like that.

*I will exercise 5 times a week no matter what! I say this will every muscle in body on fire from Tuesday's training session-YIKES!

*I will say my prayers and read scriptures by myself and with my family morning and night.

*I will get a library card, use it, and return the books ON TIME! (Mom- you would appreciate this!)

*Iwillnotdrinksoda!!! I had to say that fast or else I wouldn't have done it! Phew!

*I will compose a piece of music because Ted wants me to and I truly have a desire to.

*I will work on the gift of charity and listen and follow through with those promptings to help someone that is in need.

*I WANT to be more Christ-like and I know how to do it and I will not be lazy!

Okay-so that is my list. I was going to also add that I will become the next American Idol, but since I'm past the age limit that will not happen. Until next time-

Monday, January 15, 2007

California Dreamin'

Things that make you go hmmmm...

"The Patient"

So...I'm totally gonna bomb on my first attempt to work out this year. Way to start off! I finally get myself squared away with a gym, trainer, and babysitter and Kayte has to get sick! Actually-I feel really bad for her. She is so miserable and just spent 3 hours at an urgent care with a whole bunch of kids with rotovirus-YUCK!!! They finally took pity on us and gave us our own room. Kayte doesn't have rotovirus, just a cold in her nose and eyes. I am praying that all those germs did not pass to us. We washed our hands about 10 times and almost used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer-hee!

I had an interesting weekend. I went to my great uncle Denzel's funeral. He was 100 years old and passed away after his birthday party. I remember him because he lived in San Pedro, CA and my mom would take us kids up to visit him. He LOVED music and would have us perform for him and then he would perform for us. He played the piano and sang until the day he died. Did I mention he had dementia? I think that it is amazing that he could retain that portion of his memory to do that. He did a lot of terrific and amazing things in his life. He was a chemical analysist and worked with the govt. during WWII in chemical warfare. He was a man who worked hard and got three degrees and took classes always! He was always learning and teaching. He had so much compassion and was a giver. I learned a lot about his life suprisingly from my mom. She knew all this stuff about him because she took the time too. She really knew my Uncle Denzel and made a difference in his life. He didn't have any children and wasn't married and my mom made sure he knew that he was loved. My mom couldn't make the funeral because she was helping Loralee and the new baby, but called and asked if I would go in her place. What an honor! They asked me to sing "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." It was one of his most favorite to sing and I hope I did it justice, but more importantly I did it because he loved it. I met cousins that I hadn't seen in over 15 years and most that I haven't met at all. I felt at home so much that I couldn't stand to leave. They welcomed me with open arms and such warm hearts! Their love for my mom was evident in everything they said to me. Oh how they love my mom! (And rightly so!) My great Aunt Themla sat right down by me and started chatting away and asking me about everything that had to do with my family. She is 98 years old! She doesn't have time for small talk! WOW-she was a ball of fire. What a sweetheart!

I learned a lot about the importance of really knowing where you come from. I learned that my Grandpa (who passed away when I was about 8 yrs old) is not very far away and watches over me and comforts me. I miss him...I learned that there are better things yet to come. I learned that I'm a lot like my great Uncle Mel who is a wisecracker and is just as good looking as me-hee! I learned that my aunts are SOooo much like my mom and I felt close to her just by sitting next to them. I'm sure I'll remember things that I forgot to write down, but I felt peace this weekend and that was a nice change from a hectic week. Well- onto another hectic week...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We had our first Webelos activity and survived to tell the tale! I loved it! I also had so much fun and I hope the boys had fun as well. We are working on the Handyman badge and spent at least 4 hours trying to find a 14" tire tube for McKay's bike so they can learn to change bike tires. Did you know that they do not carry 14" tire tubes any longer? We found that out the hard way yesterday. It completely ruined my schedule because we didn't get back until 2 pm. I start teaching piano at 3 pm until the Scouts arrive-CRAZY! To say the least-Ted and I tend to go overboard in our activities and will probably have to come to some agreement on how far we are going to "magnify" our calling. I am really tired and am recovering this morning by staying in my pajamas and typing away on my blog. I got the kids off to school and Ted off to work and Noah and I ate a bowl of cereal and came back to bed because Noah said he was still tired-hee! Life must be so hard for a 4 yr old!

Moving on...One of our New Year's Resolutions as a family is to have family prayer morning and night. We tried to be consistent in the past, but now we are consistent and it makes such a difference in our daily activities. I'm comforted when we have family prayer because they go in so many directions during the day that they have something positive to start it off the day and end the day. We have had some sweet and tender experiences with family prayer. Each of the kids have their own special way of saying them. Noah usually blesses every person he can possibly think of and if he doesn't remember their namees he gives clues as to who they are. For example, when we first moved here he couldn't remember my brother in laws name so he would say "my cousin's dad" or something more creative. McKay and Kayte tend to chastise each other in their prayers. McKay's will go something like "please bless Kayte that she will not break my Lego castle." Kayte's usually says "please bless McKay that he will be obedient and share X-box games and Noah that he won't scream because it hurts my ears." And of course we always bless Cricket (our dog) because as Kayte said in her prayers "she saved our lives." She is referring to a rattlesnake in the backyard incident. McKay is really trying hard to understand everything that happens in this world. That is what 8 yr olds do. Ted's grandfather passed away in June and it really had an affect on Mckay. On occasion he will say in his prayers that he blesses Grandpa that he will be okay where he is and that Grandma will be okay and not be so sad. It is very touching and you can feel the spirit so strong because you know that McKay is really thinking and trying to understand the concept that families can be together again. He really is very thoughtful.

Well I guess I better get something accomplished today. Does brushing my teeth count? Better go-

Monday, January 08, 2007

It is the first day back to school from Winter Break and all I have to say is that there was rejoicing throughout the land and the multitudes were mainly women!!! This day could not come fast enough for me. It is nice to have a vacation, but can I (the mom) get a vacation from the vacation? Do you understand what I'm saying? Okay...

I have had a lot of you ask why the move? That is a loaded question with a plethora (my fav. word of the day) of answers. Since this is an open forum I would like to just let you know that the place where we are now is less stressful, time-consuming, expensive...We are hoping to have more time as a family and that is totally happening. I have seen more of Ted in the past month than I have in the last four months we were in Cali. We have moved a lot in our married life and we always meet special people that we cherish forever! We were truly blessed by the angels that surrounded us in Cali. The angels I'm talking about were the ones that were there physically, spiritually, and emotionally for our little family in times of deep sorrow and despair. They know who they are and I love them! Sufficeith to say-this is a change and move worth doing!

My sis-in law told me I needed to write down Noah's (4 yr) favorite thing to say and that is "Fine! You're not my best friend!" He happens to say this extremely fast and very loud. It is hard not to laugh and just love on him because he says this to just about anyone and everytime you say no to him. And he also says "Because I have too." He says this to me when I ask him why he HAS to play X-Box for the 100th time that day or when I ask him why he HAS to watch Cars (movie) again.

Okay- another post done! Phew! I need a break...until next time-

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay-I have officially taken the plunge into cyber blogging and heaven help me if I can stick to it because my track record is not so hot! Since there have been quite a few changes in the homestead I feel compelled to write them down so I actually have something documented in my life. One of the biggest changes in our family relates directly to my blog name. I no longer live in California...Should I change my name? I don't know what I would call it. Maybe...crazymominamentalstateofparadise? Maybe...crazymominahotterplacethanhadesparadise?
Perhaps the best one is crazymomwishingtobeinparadise. I have found that this move has been very theraputic for my small family and truly is turning into some kind of paradise. Living next to wonderful family members can be the best medicine of all along with a husband that loves his job. Oh-did I mention that everything is about half the price that it was in Cali? What a relief! Boy did we ever pay for that sunshine tax. The kids are adjusting pretty well and enjoy seeing Dad more often. They are getting back to their regularly scheduled activities such as begging mom to play x-box at the crack of dawn, taking every coloring device and doing "homework" on any unsuspecting piece of paper lying around, and the daily contruction and demolition of the Geotrax set that lies haphazerdly in the loft. We also have a dog named Cricket that likes to not only jump around in the grass-hence her name, but she likes to jump on the trampoline. That always makes for an interesting conversation when we have guests come over and find that not only do their children like jumping but jumping with a dog is WAY more fun! I have learned that I'm doing good when I have an endless supply of dino nuggets, go-gurts, and string cheese...oh, and toilet paper.

Have you ever heard the phrase "There is no rest for the wicked?" Ted and I must be gluttons for punishment because we are now the Webelos leaders. My first thought was 10-10 year old boys running amok around my house...just shoot me now! Well, I have since repented, softened my heart, changed my ways and I'm looking forward to Tuesday with a great deal of apprehension and did I mention-no manual!

This is about all I can do for tonight. Blogging is just like exercising. You have to start out small and work your way up to bigger things. I don't know if that's the best comparision seeing how I have problems in both areas-blogging and exercising. But-that is about to change because this is the year for improvement in both! So for now- a quote from Noah, my 4 yr old-"See ya bird!"

(You would understand this if you were a Finch-hee!)