Friday, January 26, 2007

It seems as if I haven't blogged in quite a while, but truth be told I have written 2 huge posts. Unfortunately-they have been eaten up by the website each time. In my attempt to do it again I will save all material on a word document and THEN post it. For the life of me I can't recall fully what the other entries where about, so I'm just going to write.

I woke up last night at about 12:30 and couldn't go back to bed till about 3 am. Needless to say that today will be a long day when all I do is dream about going to bed early. I had a panic attack. I haven't had one of those in a while and they are really hard to explain to anyone that has never experienced it. After 9 years of married life Ted has finally realized that he just needs to tell me that everything is okay and give me a big hug and that's it. He cannot solve my anxiety issues. Last night I kept on thinking over and over that I needed to do SO much more with my family. It is so easy to not be involved fully. I sometimes think that they benefit more when I'm not involved so much because I can be such a nag. Well...that thinking is over and gone and I have thought about things that I need to change in my life so I can be the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. I feel that if I write them down I will feel more accountable and if you happen to stop by and read-make sure to ask me how I'm doing on these! Okay so here it goes...

*I will love on my children ALL the time. They will get kisses and hugs even when my 8 yr old says "Mom your squishing me and you can only kiss me once!"

*I will read to my kids. I do not do this enough and you know what? My kids love to read and to be read to. What makes me so busy that I can't even read?

*I will learn to say NO to extra "stuff."

*I will NOT take anymore piano student because of the above.

*My children will only play X-box on the first Sat. of every month and we will play as a family. Believe me, I have already felt the backlash and rewards from this rule.

*I will learn how my husband communicates by reading "The Five Languages of Love."

*I will teach my kids that even though it my be "cute" that they have or want boyfriends/girlfriends it is not what the Lord has said. They need to wait until they are 16. (This episode happened last night-) I have seen to many devastating effects that come when parents think that there is no harm in "cute" things like that.

*I will exercise 5 times a week no matter what! I say this will every muscle in body on fire from Tuesday's training session-YIKES!

*I will say my prayers and read scriptures by myself and with my family morning and night.

*I will get a library card, use it, and return the books ON TIME! (Mom- you would appreciate this!)

*Iwillnotdrinksoda!!! I had to say that fast or else I wouldn't have done it! Phew!

*I will compose a piece of music because Ted wants me to and I truly have a desire to.

*I will work on the gift of charity and listen and follow through with those promptings to help someone that is in need.

*I WANT to be more Christ-like and I know how to do it and I will not be lazy!

Okay-so that is my list. I was going to also add that I will become the next American Idol, but since I'm past the age limit that will not happen. Until next time-

Monday, January 15, 2007

California Dreamin'

Things that make you go hmmmm...

"The Patient"

So...I'm totally gonna bomb on my first attempt to work out this year. Way to start off! I finally get myself squared away with a gym, trainer, and babysitter and Kayte has to get sick! Actually-I feel really bad for her. She is so miserable and just spent 3 hours at an urgent care with a whole bunch of kids with rotovirus-YUCK!!! They finally took pity on us and gave us our own room. Kayte doesn't have rotovirus, just a cold in her nose and eyes. I am praying that all those germs did not pass to us. We washed our hands about 10 times and almost used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer-hee!

I had an interesting weekend. I went to my great uncle Denzel's funeral. He was 100 years old and passed away after his birthday party. I remember him because he lived in San Pedro, CA and my mom would take us kids up to visit him. He LOVED music and would have us perform for him and then he would perform for us. He played the piano and sang until the day he died. Did I mention he had dementia? I think that it is amazing that he could retain that portion of his memory to do that. He did a lot of terrific and amazing things in his life. He was a chemical analysist and worked with the govt. during WWII in chemical warfare. He was a man who worked hard and got three degrees and took classes always! He was always learning and teaching. He had so much compassion and was a giver. I learned a lot about his life suprisingly from my mom. She knew all this stuff about him because she took the time too. She really knew my Uncle Denzel and made a difference in his life. He didn't have any children and wasn't married and my mom made sure he knew that he was loved. My mom couldn't make the funeral because she was helping Loralee and the new baby, but called and asked if I would go in her place. What an honor! They asked me to sing "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." It was one of his most favorite to sing and I hope I did it justice, but more importantly I did it because he loved it. I met cousins that I hadn't seen in over 15 years and most that I haven't met at all. I felt at home so much that I couldn't stand to leave. They welcomed me with open arms and such warm hearts! Their love for my mom was evident in everything they said to me. Oh how they love my mom! (And rightly so!) My great Aunt Themla sat right down by me and started chatting away and asking me about everything that had to do with my family. She is 98 years old! She doesn't have time for small talk! WOW-she was a ball of fire. What a sweetheart!

I learned a lot about the importance of really knowing where you come from. I learned that my Grandpa (who passed away when I was about 8 yrs old) is not very far away and watches over me and comforts me. I miss him...I learned that there are better things yet to come. I learned that I'm a lot like my great Uncle Mel who is a wisecracker and is just as good looking as me-hee! I learned that my aunts are SOooo much like my mom and I felt close to her just by sitting next to them. I'm sure I'll remember things that I forgot to write down, but I felt peace this weekend and that was a nice change from a hectic week. Well- onto another hectic week...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We had our first Webelos activity and survived to tell the tale! I loved it! I also had so much fun and I hope the boys had fun as well. We are working on the Handyman badge and spent at least 4 hours trying to find a 14" tire tube for McKay's bike so they can learn to change bike tires. Did you know that they do not carry 14" tire tubes any longer? We found that out the hard way yesterday. It completely ruined my schedule because we didn't get back until 2 pm. I start teaching piano at 3 pm until the Scouts arrive-CRAZY! To say the least-Ted and I tend to go overboard in our activities and will probably have to come to some agreement on how far we are going to "magnify" our calling. I am really tired and am recovering this morning by staying in my pajamas and typing away on my blog. I got the kids off to school and Ted off to work and Noah and I ate a bowl of cereal and came back to bed because Noah said he was still tired-hee! Life must be so hard for a 4 yr old!

Moving on...One of our New Year's Resolutions as a family is to have family prayer morning and night. We tried to be consistent in the past, but now we are consistent and it makes such a difference in our daily activities. I'm comforted when we have family prayer because they go in so many directions during the day that they have something positive to start it off the day and end the day. We have had some sweet and tender experiences with family prayer. Each of the kids have their own special way of saying them. Noah usually blesses every person he can possibly think of and if he doesn't remember their namees he gives clues as to who they are. For example, when we first moved here he couldn't remember my brother in laws name so he would say "my cousin's dad" or something more creative. McKay and Kayte tend to chastise each other in their prayers. McKay's will go something like "please bless Kayte that she will not break my Lego castle." Kayte's usually says "please bless McKay that he will be obedient and share X-box games and Noah that he won't scream because it hurts my ears." And of course we always bless Cricket (our dog) because as Kayte said in her prayers "she saved our lives." She is referring to a rattlesnake in the backyard incident. McKay is really trying hard to understand everything that happens in this world. That is what 8 yr olds do. Ted's grandfather passed away in June and it really had an affect on Mckay. On occasion he will say in his prayers that he blesses Grandpa that he will be okay where he is and that Grandma will be okay and not be so sad. It is very touching and you can feel the spirit so strong because you know that McKay is really thinking and trying to understand the concept that families can be together again. He really is very thoughtful.

Well I guess I better get something accomplished today. Does brushing my teeth count? Better go-

Monday, January 08, 2007

It is the first day back to school from Winter Break and all I have to say is that there was rejoicing throughout the land and the multitudes were mainly women!!! This day could not come fast enough for me. It is nice to have a vacation, but can I (the mom) get a vacation from the vacation? Do you understand what I'm saying? Okay...

I have had a lot of you ask why the move? That is a loaded question with a plethora (my fav. word of the day) of answers. Since this is an open forum I would like to just let you know that the place where we are now is less stressful, time-consuming, expensive...We are hoping to have more time as a family and that is totally happening. I have seen more of Ted in the past month than I have in the last four months we were in Cali. We have moved a lot in our married life and we always meet special people that we cherish forever! We were truly blessed by the angels that surrounded us in Cali. The angels I'm talking about were the ones that were there physically, spiritually, and emotionally for our little family in times of deep sorrow and despair. They know who they are and I love them! Sufficeith to say-this is a change and move worth doing!

My sis-in law told me I needed to write down Noah's (4 yr) favorite thing to say and that is "Fine! You're not my best friend!" He happens to say this extremely fast and very loud. It is hard not to laugh and just love on him because he says this to just about anyone and everytime you say no to him. And he also says "Because I have too." He says this to me when I ask him why he HAS to play X-Box for the 100th time that day or when I ask him why he HAS to watch Cars (movie) again.

Okay- another post done! Phew! I need a break...until next time-

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay-I have officially taken the plunge into cyber blogging and heaven help me if I can stick to it because my track record is not so hot! Since there have been quite a few changes in the homestead I feel compelled to write them down so I actually have something documented in my life. One of the biggest changes in our family relates directly to my blog name. I no longer live in California...Should I change my name? I don't know what I would call it. Maybe...crazymominamentalstateofparadise? Maybe...crazymominahotterplacethanhadesparadise?
Perhaps the best one is crazymomwishingtobeinparadise. I have found that this move has been very theraputic for my small family and truly is turning into some kind of paradise. Living next to wonderful family members can be the best medicine of all along with a husband that loves his job. Oh-did I mention that everything is about half the price that it was in Cali? What a relief! Boy did we ever pay for that sunshine tax. The kids are adjusting pretty well and enjoy seeing Dad more often. They are getting back to their regularly scheduled activities such as begging mom to play x-box at the crack of dawn, taking every coloring device and doing "homework" on any unsuspecting piece of paper lying around, and the daily contruction and demolition of the Geotrax set that lies haphazerdly in the loft. We also have a dog named Cricket that likes to not only jump around in the grass-hence her name, but she likes to jump on the trampoline. That always makes for an interesting conversation when we have guests come over and find that not only do their children like jumping but jumping with a dog is WAY more fun! I have learned that I'm doing good when I have an endless supply of dino nuggets, go-gurts, and string cheese...oh, and toilet paper.

Have you ever heard the phrase "There is no rest for the wicked?" Ted and I must be gluttons for punishment because we are now the Webelos leaders. My first thought was 10-10 year old boys running amok around my house...just shoot me now! Well, I have since repented, softened my heart, changed my ways and I'm looking forward to Tuesday with a great deal of apprehension and did I mention-no manual!

This is about all I can do for tonight. Blogging is just like exercising. You have to start out small and work your way up to bigger things. I don't know if that's the best comparision seeing how I have problems in both areas-blogging and exercising. But-that is about to change because this is the year for improvement in both! So for now- a quote from Noah, my 4 yr old-"See ya bird!"

(You would understand this if you were a Finch-hee!)