Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The title says it all! I am so pathetic because I'm a A.I. junkie! I feel like this is the best show of all time (along with Cosby show.) I get a rush from just watching it and then I just want to sing all the time. Not like I could ever be on American Idol, but just the dream of thinking "what if." My mom told me that my dad was pretty hooked to it too and I can just see him cringing and raising his eyebrows in hopes to somehow help that singer get on the right pitch and not flat. I would probably do the same but I have DVR-YES!!! I can quickly fast forward so as not to feel completely embarassed for the incompetent singer and get right onto Simon Cowell's witty remarks. Did I mention that I love Simon? I think that he is spot on with his remarks. I probably shouldn't watch with anyone because I feel like I have to make comments on everything to the point that I have trained Ted very well! He knows now what underpitch (flat) sounds like and good tone quality...I have done well-hee! Okay that's all for now. Until tomorrow when they tell 2 people good bye...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Days Go By!!!

I don't think I could possibly recount all that has happened since I last blogged-so I won't. I did want to write down a very cute and awesome experience our family had over the weekend though.

Ted's parents, sister (and fam.), nephew (and fam.), and our little family decided to head up to the mountains and go 4-wheeling on Saturday. Ted had been there the previous weekend with "the boys" and was leading the way. Much to our surprise...he didn't! He couldn't remember the turn off road when we got to the town of Roosevelt and had no idea where to go. We had all of our kids in the car plus Tori's boys Ethan and Gabe. We decided to say a prayer and I asked Heavenly Father to help Ted remember the way and to make it clear in his mind the way to get there. All the boys were quiet and just watched Ted to see what he would do next. (This was the one and only time there was remotely any sort of quiet during the whole trip!) We just decided to keep going down the road and all of a sudden Ted remembered where he was going and started seeing the landmarks that looked familiar. He said "Oh, I know where we are." Then out of the very back row in our car Gabe (8 yrs) said in a "hallelujah-esque" voice "th-ANK you Heavenly Father for giving Uncle Ted his mind back!"

We are still laughing about that and you had to have been there, but that was so dang funny! We did say a prayer of gratitude after and my testimony of prayer was reaffirmed that day and hopefully it will be something those kids remember too. We had a great time and came back SOO dirty, tired and happy! Isn't that what life is all about?

We finally got over all the sick bugs that we have had for about 6 weeks and lo and behold-I got sick. I slept the whole day yesterday and feel a ton better. OKay-enough for now. And by the way-I changed my settings so that you all can comment like I know you want to comment-hee!!!!