Friday, May 18, 2007

Wow! It's been awhile. I will give an update of all the Finch happenings and it starts with a trip to the TMJ specialist and a surgery date for July. This will be my third surgery and hopefully will last me just as long as my last surgery (12 years.) I can't believe it is May and I'd have to say this is the most crazy busy month ever!!! We get out of school and head out to Cali (yeah!) to escape the heat (107 degree) and get enough cool weather to last us until the next visit.

McKay is doing awesome in baseball! The coach started betting him that if he got a double play that he would get him ice cream and if he didn't during the game Mckay would owe him ice cream. McKay has gotten ice cream every single game! He is just really good and Ted and I keep thinking that if we push and continue in this he can be our retirement if he goes pro! Hee!

Kayte is trying to get used to the heat. Last week she suffered from heat stroke and basically can't be outside for more than 15 minutes in the afternoon. She got strep last week and is doing much better. She is all about braids in her hair and everything "girly." Heaven help us! She is a spitfire and you can't get away with much. Especially her brothers!

Noah is just so darn cute! He is content to watch TV if I let him. So I just push him out into the backyard at 7:30 AM (my neighbors love me) and let him play until he is just "too smeaty." His favorite thing to do is antagonize Cricket. She is his new best friend and comes inside for a good portion of the day-much to my dismay! Noah is quite the flip-flop collector and snob. He has too many pairs and has to wear each pair during the day. He calls them "flips" or "flops" not flip-flops. He wants to do his swimming lessons so bad and everyday we have a battle of me trying to explain what June is and that when June comes around he gets to take his lessons. The battle usually ends in him telling me that he's not my best friend!

Okay-so that 's a quick update!