Friday, August 31, 2007

Private Matters

Noah can officially say "sweaty." I don't know how I feel about this! He's getting to big. He also thinks he needs to go to the "YCA" (YMCA) to go swimming everyday because it is soooo hot! His best friend is his 3 yr. old cousin Jayne and they beg Tori and I to play with each other everyday! Kayte is busy being bossy! She is a little me-so sorry! We had a nice little chat the other day and it went something like this...

Kayte: "MOM!!!! Noah kicked me in the pe***!"

Me: " don't have a pe***."

Kayte: "I don't?" (With the most confusing look on her face.)

Me: "Those are boy parts and you have girl parts."

Kayte: "OOOHHHH!" Then she runs off to play needing no further explanation-whew!

McKay has no problem dropping the "p-bomb." Whoever said it was important to teach your children the correct words to explain their private parts didn't know there would be kids like mine!

On to another subject...Yesterday was Ted, Tori, and my brother Von's birthday-oh and cousin Jason's too. CRAZY day, but to end it with Panda Express and a Coldstone Creamery cake was the best! Singing "Happy Birthday" to numerous people was fun for the kiddos.

Ted and I get to have a date night (I know...what is that!) at the D-backs game. I'm so happy we get to go because the next morning he is leaving for Missouri to help move his brother's family out here. Heaven help me that I won't be in a mental institution, the house will still be intact, and the kids ALIVE!

I'm going to try to enjoy this holiday weekend as best I can. Labor day is such a fitting name because what else are you to do with no place to go and a house full of kids? We are 99% sure we are moving at the end of Sept to a home with a pool and an extra room-YEAH! We move so many times-we are like nomads! Anyways-I'm packing and that means de-junking. Can I get another YEAH!!!? Although- Ted has expressed his wishes that I not touch his stuff-darn!

OKay-gotta go mow the lawn and get this house ready to be shown!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Digital Scrapbook page!!!

Can they just stay little?
This picture is SO telling! My kids are all about being as big as they can with all the crazy energy they have. Kayte is too independent for her own good and never wants to hold hands unless she is completely scared of something-which is rare. Noah idolizes his big brother and will ONLY hold McKay's hand. McKay is a good older brother and every once in a blue moon remembers that his brother and sister are smaller than he is. Everday there is a massive collision of limbs flying in all directions, and some are from our four-legged furry friend. There most favorite thing to do afterschool is play "slippery slid." Lest you think it has anything to do with and actual slide on the ground (old school)- you would be wrong. My kids take out the sprinkler and put it under the see where I'm going with this! Everyone including the dog, Cricket, gets involved. Up until this weekend we have had a net, but due to serious hanging of kids on it, it is gone! Do I dare let my kids do slippery slid? How can I resist my little Noah telling me he is sooo "smeaty" and needs to cool off? So yesterday-I let them do it while I called my health insurance and made sure I already met my deductible! Ted and I agree that a net needs to purchased post haste!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fishing at Glen and Rachel's in Eager, AZ

My little fisherman!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Celebrate good times COME ON!!!! Kids are in school and I'm dancing in the streets! Noah does not know what to do with himself and neither do I. We are having summer hangover and in a week I'll be up and at 'em again, but until then I'll finish my prescription on Vicodin and Motrin (post-surgery) and lay low!

Pictures will be forth-coming from our numerous trips to the White Mountains the past couple of months with a travel-log. I told Ted we definitely need to have a summer home because I literally melt (no-not from water) the minute my hand touches the door handle. I know what I signed up for moving here and all but ALRIGHT ALREADY with 112 degrees. I at least have to say something in my posts about how stinkin' hot it is or I wouldn't be a true California city girl!

Okay-so now that the kiddos are in school I will be posting more! Come on-have faith in me! I can do this!