Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moving Day!!!
We got the keys last night and Ted just about cleared out the garage and took it all to the new place. If you knew what the garage looked like...he's basically a hero!!! I have two friends who are coming to help me this morning and I'm SOOO grateful! I finally went to Urgent Care yesterday after my sister told me I should go and I have a sinus infection and since last night it has ALL moved into my throat. I really have no voice. The fam. doesn't mind, but I can't sing! What's a girl to do? So after feeling totally sick and stressed from moving my sister Julianne called me last night at 9:30 and was so excited because she LOVES school (Paul Mitchell.) I'm excited because come Christmas time I'll have a new do for my hair when I get back to AZ. She made me happy because she was so happy. I like that! I need to be happier!
I went to Time Out For Women on Friday and Saturday and it was AWESOME!!! I will not ever miss one! I have finally found the motivation in my life to become MORE! More of a mother, more of a wife, more of a musician, more of a friend, more like a daughter of God! It was so peaceful to sit and listen to beautiful music by Jenny Frogley, Michael McLean, and the guys who did the Nashville tribute to Joseph Smith. The Lord knows that I feel the spirit so much stronger through music and I don't think the tears stopped flowing the whole time I was there. It was something I needed so much that I wasn't aware of. Does that make sense?
Well...I'm moving so I'll be out of commission for a few days. See you later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was ONLY 95 degrees yesterday and we expect mid-80's on Saturday.
That's all I have to say other than my kiddos told me it was cold yesterday when they
walked to the bus in the morning. Who would have thought that we would feel cold
when it's 85 degrees outside?
Not me!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Count down T minus 12 days and
zero brain cells left
we move into the new house lovingly called
the "pool house."
With all the moving I have done this should be easy right? We have 3 days to move and make sure the old house spotless and the new house in at least some sort of organized chaos. I keep chanting "I can do this! I can do this! Really...I can do this?" It is my daily mantra.
What do you call someone that has:
3 kids
15 piano students
3 children taking piano lessons
1 kid in baseball (2 days practice and Sat. baseball games in 108 degrees)
1 child in Cub Scouts
30 boys in Cub Scouts ( We are Cub Masters)
1 husband
1 Relief Society in which to put on Women at the Well
1 huge dog named Cricket
2 school classes that need parental help
100 boxes too little...
IN DENIAL and counting the hours for Time Out For Women!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sister Loralee!!!
My sister is awesome! She is one of the most talented people I know. I try not to be green with envy, but come on-she can sew!!! I love talking to her and listen to her no-nonsense approach on how not to strangle my hubby...hee! She's great and I absolutely LOVE her!
"Come on baby shake your body-do the conga"

This is a song that came on the radio this morning while taking the kids to school and made me smile the whole way back. Whenever I hear Gloria Estefan sing this song I think of my friends back in high school. I can picture Mindy and Jessica doing a mean "rat-tat-tat on the drums." They were SO much fun! It also takes me back to Lake Powell and the house boat.

Have you ever noticed that certain songs can take you back to really old memories and smells? Everytime I hear a Carpenters' song I think of our house on Cresent Point Rd. I remember my sisters and I doing pretending that "rainy days on Sundays always get me down." To this day-I hear Lionel Ritchie and Whitney Housten and think about my dad. I swear my parents must of laughed so hard at us girls pretending that we were "Ballerina Girl."

I hear any "Envogue" and I think about our showchoir competitions in Burbank. Man-those Burbank kids could rip itup! They were awesome and I always wanted to an "Envogue" song, but we had to keep things G-rated at our school.

Everytime I hear Garth Brooks I think of my cousin Debbie in high school. She understood country music before it became popular and a big thing at our school. I only listened to R&B and LOVED it! It's been a while since I've delved into that style.

If Toni comes on -you know Toni Braxton! I think of Ted. If he could be with anyone else besides would of been Toni!

If I listen to the jazz station on the radio I totally think about my dad and the fact that we always complained in the car when he put that music on. Can I just say...I love "smooth jazz...KYOT."

Okay-I just realized I could go on FOREVER with this entry! I'm just so grateful for music and the emotion and inspiration that it can spark. I love it when I listen to a song and it becomes like the "balm of Gilead." It can soothe the soul and relate to those emotions deep down that you can't put into words.

...there is nothing better than to crank up the volume to "Hotel California" and just feel cool.