Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm taking a break form the holidays before the holidays even start! Well...that's what it feels like. Too much has happened good and horrible that I just want to tell you about the good. My kids never surprise me in their funniness and this is how the week went-

Noah: "Guess what? I know how to spell PU...It's a P and then a U." Genuis! Ted couldn't even talk because he was laughing SO hard hitting the dashboard with his hand. We are all about slapstick in our fam.

Noah: " Mom do you know which is bigger...the sun or the moon?"
Mom: " The sun Noah."
Noah: " No mom. That would be an X." Can you tell that we have been watching Family Fued a lot lately?

Then McKay decided to bear histestimony on church yesterday and words cannot describe the NOT the trepidation I felt because it is his goal in life to be a stand up comedian. He knows that Sacrament Meeting is not the place for that, so it went something like this-

McKay: "Hello. I'm McKay (Last name) for those ofyou who don't know me.(pause) I'd like to bearmy testimony and talk about my brother and sister. (by now I was completely red and giving him the cut off sign to stop...) My brother and sister like to play mom and dad and my brother Noah likes to be the dad. He's a good dad! My sister likes to play the mom sometimes, but what she really likes to pretend is to be the dog. We have a for real dog named Cricket, but she likes to be the dog. They like to pretend toplaythings that they love and that's neat. Okay...and then he closes to my relief. of those experiences that youreally have to hear me tell the story to get the FULL effect, but I need to write it down for my sake.

Gotta run and take the little guy to preschool and get my hair cut.