Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a miracle!!!
I officially hate french fries today! I couldn't bring myself to eat even one!
I'm still alive! I can't put a whole lot in except for the fact that I am under the influence of Tylenol#3 and trying to keep my kids from killing each other. Thank you for another American holiday!

Friday, January 11, 2008


I swear that the Lord makes you forget how sick you can get with morning sickness so that you'll be suckered into doing this whole thing again. In my case it is all day sickness except from 3-5 pm. Which is pretty awesome in itself because that is when I teach piano and the kids get home. Really the only person I feel sorry for is Noah! He thinks he has it great because he can play the Wii and X-box ANY time he wants too, but I am totally neglecting the poor boy. I'm lucky if he goes out the door with ANY clothes or ANY shoes. I am so far past matching it's ridiculous. I have to force myself to eat-oh the shame! It's not like I have a gazillion pounds to lose, but can I just crave something healthy? Please? I have this craving right now that only Costco can satisfy and that is the...dark chocolate covered pomegranate ice cream bars! I WILL NOT go there just because I WILL eat the box in one day. They are so heavenly...don't knock it till you try it people. Other than that why on earth do we have another holiday today?'s Friday and my kids are home. Lame teacher training...just kidding-

So a few of you have mentioned that I wrote a cliffhanger and did not expand on my emotional state of December.The reason for this is partly because some of the events are extremely personal and I'm not at liberty nor do I want to let the whole blogging world know.

Some of the events were...

*finding out that our precious baby #4 is on its way

*finishing up "The Ten Virgins" a musical parable that I was in charge of putting together

*being with my family at Christmas time

*receiving answers to prayer when things were just too much to handle

*having mom here in AZ to help me with the dress rehearsal because everyone knows I can be sent into a tail spin when overwhelmed

*finding out that a dear friend will be going through chemo again

*realizing that good communication is essential for families

I'm sure I'm leaving a few events out, but I have truly been blessed. I know that trials are allowed in our lives and it depends on how WE deal with them. My inspired visiting teacher let me borrow a book called "The Peacegiver." I am re-reading it. If you have not read it-read it! And if you have read it-read it again. There is so much to learn.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Time Flies!

Okay-so everyone is even blogging through the holidays and I'm such a slacker! What can I say? When I take a holiday...I take a holiday. We were in California for what seemed like the whole month of December and I had such a good time. I got to participate in the most fun parts of our family's Christmas traditions. If you want to know more about them you have to visit my sis. blog (Lathamites) to fully appreciate them from a non-Packard perspective. Trust me-you want to read it! I was laughing my head off-

Even though Christmas was awesome I am glad that December is done with. Too many sad, happy, fulfilling, tragic, and joyful events took place. It has been too much of a roller coaster. The best news by far is that we are expecting #4 in August this year. I know that I'm only a couple of weeks, but wow has it ever hit me like this before? NO! I am sicker than a dog and we just decided to tell everyone. We are praying that we can keep this little one. We are very excited!

Here are some pictures of our fun vacation-

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Kayte's spill on the skateboarding ramp

Gotta go-I'll post more later!