Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So I realized that I'm not so tech savvy (oohhh...Johnny Depp) and my blog my seem a bit on the boring side because I don't know how to add pictures from the Internet like I want to. Someday I will learn but until then...

I now know why more than half of my family is in dentistry. Holy moly! I just took Noah to the dentist and I can't believe how much it's going to cost me the next year to get him on track. Not to mention the 2 teeth that need to be extracted thanks to our lovely dog Cricket. Thank goodness that we have some dental insurance or else I'm going to need to take out a loan or sell a kidney. And we are only talking about Noah and I shudder to think what will happen when I take McKay and Kayte in March. Goodness sake...my kids brush AND floss. What is this world coming to?

I am really lucky to be living in AZ right now. The weather with be 75 degrees today. I know that makes some of you want to shoot me or do me harm for stating that I live in paradise today, but just know that in a couple of months I will be living in Hades. It is a catch-22 here. Since we have a pool now I expect the summer to be a little bit more manageable than last year. YIKES! You do not know hot until you have been here in August, by the way, the month I will be having this baby. You may take the time now to pity me. I understand!

Well that was just a quick update and a promise to have pictures for the next post-

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm losing weight! Who knew that getting pregnant would solve all me weight issues. Eat your heart out Jenny Craig! I finally had my 12week appt and the doctor says "I see you have lost some weight." And I sweetly said " I would rather I never find it again. Let's just let it be lost." I got to see the little jumping bean and next appt I get to find out if it's a boy or girl. Ted teases me that this baby will not cooperate because I'm such a "have to know" kind of gal. Something about control issues?

I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day! Mine was filled with appts, piano lessons, eating an exorbent amount of sugar, 2 hr nap(AHHH!), making a dinner that my husband loves, chilling out on the couch and then promptly going to sleep. ONly to wake up the next morning with the messiest kitchen in the world and kids that have a holiday from school. My life is complete! It is what it is! That should be my blog name. IT is what it is!

Random thought alert!!! Why is it SOO easy to read Harry Potter and not scriptures? What is the thought process behind this? Where is the reasoning? Someday (hopefully soon) I will get past my stumbling blocks. Until then...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My run in with a big yellow school bus!

I just have to preface this by saying that this was in no way my fault! I was merely parked to the side of the road waiting for my kids to finish buckling their seat belts. You know that time where you are uttering threats of no Wii if they don't buckle quickly. Well...a bus behind me decides to not wait the 15 seconds and squeezes past me and practically takes off my side mirror. That is how close he is!!! I'm totally laying on my horn because I don't want him ANY closer and he doesn't even stop. So what does any self respecting momma bear do?!? I followed him at a high speed rate and squealed to a stop behind his drop off. I proceed to PARK my car again get out and knock on his window.

And I said in an ever sweet voive (not) "Do you realize that you just side-swipped me and practically took off my mirror? DId you not hear me honking? You could have taken off my childrens body parts that they love to stick out the window? DId you not see me?!?"

And he tells me "you are not supposed to be parked there."

Yep...he had the audacity to tell me this and what did I say to him. "I was waiting for my children to finish up buckling and yes I have to stop behind a school bus because you are not allowed to go around a stopped school bus." I was literally shaking with fury!

He then proceeded to tell me I was not close enough to the curb.

I said WHAT?!? WHAT??? That gives you the right to hit my car with my three kids in it?"

Needless to say I took the card that he shoved in my face and I called the head of transportation and reamed him for letting a very stupid and unsafe man behind the wheel of a bus load of children. Then I called my insurance and got a quote. It will take $300 to fix my mirror and a whole lot more to lower my blood pressure. Unbelievable!!! I am NOT a vindictive person or revengful, but can you tell how upset I am by this man? IF he would have said I'm sorry or I thought I was able to get by you...I wouldn't be so mad!

Okay-I just had to get that off my chest and hopefully this will get taken care of quickly. Other than that things are going pretty good and I have 2 more days until I hit the 12 week mark and here's to hoping that I get past the all day sick feeling!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Time For Myself-please?
So I have literally spent hours on the computer while my kids rummage through the house fending for themselves becasue I just need time by myself. 3 kids home from school for a WHOLE week does wonders for your sanity and how you feel about blessed public school. This week has been interesting. We have gone through SO much food that last night I informed the kids that we were having cereal for dinner and they informed me that they already ate it all....nice!
They all have strep throat and if I survive this I will be ever so thankful.
Another noteworthy thing happened and that is my hair dryer broke. I only mention this because if you really knew me you would know that it looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket when I don't do it. Well...it just happened to be the day when I wanted to go to Costco and buy those blasted chocolate covered pomegranted bars that I so desperatly crave. Well I come to find out that my membership needs to be renewed and I need a new card. Seriously??? In my state of friziness? I bagged Costco and went to get a hair dryer and went back the next day. They do not carry the bars anymore! Dumb Costco!
My spell check isn't working so I apologize for the non-editing. You can now see what a horrible speller I am. Anyways...I am on week 10 of my pregnancy and I look forward to two more weeks when I hope to feel 100% better. My whole family looks forward to that day!
Pinewood Derby is coming up again...heaven help us ALL! Ted and I are Cubmasters and let me tell you that we have OVER 30 boys in our pack and that I dread this day. It will be a long night of racing,yelling, tears, smack-talking, and I'm just talking about the dads. We can't forget to mention the numerous little ones that will be running amok and the flagrant disregard for order. I'm just getting this all out of the way know because I am trying really hard to have a better attitude...I need to try harder...I know!
My piano is going to be fixed on Wednesday. Oh happy day! Something in my digital piano blew in the process of moving in Sept. and I have been without it for this long. I hired a guy the beginning of Oct. to fix it and just now is it going to be fixed. After several not so nice phone calls from me explaing that I was a piano teacher and NEEDED my piano and maybe something about calling the Better Business Bureau he FINALLY called me back. I've been using a replacement keyboard, but it is not the same. My students are estatic that it will be fixed next week.
So am I! I love to play and have noticed that I miss the peace that comes when I
sit down to play.
Whew! This is long...I guess I just needed to let this all out. Not like it was building up or anything-hee! Just a reminder that Super Tuesday is coming up and go vote! My man Mitt is on the line and if McCain gets it I'm moving out of AZ! Just food for thought...but he co-sponsered the DREAM act. Do you know what this is? It basically gives funding to illegals to go to college. Do you know hard it is to actually get grants, loans, scholorships of any kind being an American? And then have to pay them back (loans) for the rest of your life? That pretty much did it in for me as far as McCain being out of touch with what we want as American citizens.
Okay off my soapbox...sorry if you take offense. Just stating how I feel. Enough of that!
I am looking foward to this weekend because 2 of my nephews are being baptized and I am so happy for them and their families. What an awesome day to look forward too. I also get to play the organ in church on Sunday and the opening hymn is "We Thank Thee O God For Our Prophet." I hope Iwill be able to see through my tears as I play and pay tribute to President Hinckley. I love that man! He was MY prophet and has had such a profound effect on my life and Ted's life. Well, that's all for now.