Friday, April 25, 2008

I went to my doctor's appt on Thursday with my family and guess what....
we STILL don't know what we are having.
I am grateful that everything looks great and healthy, but I am a little sad.
On the bright side-I only gained a pound. I can't complain!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things that I'm grateful for...

*the fact that every chapel has a Kawaii grand piano
*tax day is over and done with
*we will be more debt-free than we have ever been next month
*paying tithing
*Ted's job!!!
*the ability to teach piano
*this is my last few months of teaching
*I get to my mom, dad, and sister next week!!!
*squeezes (hugs) and kisses
*Wii, especially Super Mario Party that Ted and I play WAY TOO much!
*a clean house-it's a rare thing, but I'm thankful when it is.
*Clean towels and sheets
*not gaining a pound and I'm 5 months...I understand that this could change ANY minute-
*a car with air conditioning!!! (It's already over 90 degrees here-yikes!)
*a husband that is pretty stubborn and fixed the car even though there were screws left over-
*A watchful Heavenly Father that will save me if my car falls apart because of left-over screws!
*a sense of humor!
*really and truly good friends
*a preschool that Noah loves.
*that my kids LOVE to play the piano and pick it up easily. Trust me-this is a blessing!
*phones and my unlimited calling plan
*being able to feel this baby kick and move around. It's amazing!
*sunglasses. Pretty much just got my first pair 3 weeks ago and holy smokes!
* this list and how my day has been considerably brightened by writing these precious things down !!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

So because I don't know what this baby is I will continue as if I'm having fraternal twins. You should see the cashier's face when I inform them that I will likely bring back half of these items after the 24th of April. That will be my next dr. appt. and baby willing we will find out!

I love Old Navy and their clearance sales!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I wish this was an April Fool's joke, but the baby did not cooperate and we STILL don't know if it is a he or she. Dr. says probably girl...but to save all receipts.