Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kayte: "Dad I want my OWN car and YOU to pay for it!"

Me: "McKay you need to take a shower every day from now on AND wear deoderant!"
McKay: "But Mooommm...that's how I keep the girls away!"
Me: No comment-hee!

Noah had surgery on the 30th of April. He had to have 4 teeth removed due to our "lovely" dog Cricket and a gene anomoly that produced two extra front baby teeth. So now he's missing his two front teeth and the first thing he said (more like shouted) coming out of general anesthia was "Where's my teef? I want my teef back!" Poor kid...he now has a lisp! The nurses were laughing their heads off over the crazy way Noah said everything. His nose was numb still and he kept grabbing it and saying "Take fis fing off!" No matter how hard I tried to explain that it was his nose-the kid was NOT normal until three hours AFTER he came out of surgery. Good times!!!

Okay-there is 9 more days of school left and heaven help me it's that time of the year-SUMMER! Pray for me please!