Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Before and After???
So I found my senior picture and all I have to say is I have changed! IS it really hard to believe that that was taken in 1996? It's probably not the best thing to do when your 8 months preggo and be looking at the pictures when you were like 200 pounds skinnier. Oh well...I suppose I should put a picture up of me now for posterity sake. I'm just not ready yet!
Besides swimming multiple times a day and getting tan lines that I never thought possible-we are doing okay! I am or should I say my kids are surviving the 115 degree heat. I have been FOREVER spoiled because I grew up in San Diego and NOTHING beats the weather there. I am truly thankful for air conditioning.....and Sonic! So I'm off to swim team to melt and commiserate with the other hot mommas that sacrifice to be there.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Family Home Moment
Ted and I decided that it was about that time that our children needed to learn about where babies come from...aka-the birds and the bees. Deseret Books has a wonderful book for kids just about this subject and we spent our FHE reading it to the kids. I had been STRESSING about this ALL day long and my stomach was in knots. Surprisingly, our kids were pretty complacent with everything until-the whole nursing thing was explained. This is how it went down-
McKay- "WHAT!?! That is so disgusting! You mean we ALL did that? EVEN ME!?!?" (followed by copious gagging noises)
Kayte- "Why can only girls do that?"
Noah- Well...he pulls down his shirt and looks at is chest and then looks back at me with ALL sorts of questions in is eyes and says..."What da heck?!?"
I have to imagine Heavenly Father finding the humor in all this! I wish I had it recorded because I cannot even convey to you the funniness of it. Ted and I were laughing about it the next morning. And since we haven't had any conversations since then I feel confident that we covered our bases-right?
All in all everything is going great with just a few aches and pains due to this baby thinking that my body is a jungle gym. We are busy with swim team, piano, scouts, naps (for me), and other stuff that I can't wrap my brain around because it was fried from the heat and gas prices.
My parents were able to be in town last weekend and it was so much fun. I cherish the moments when I have family here. I just want to be near them. They got to come to our Stake Conference and see how awesome our stake is. It really is great to be in a place where the gospel thrives and is in effect. I love the friends that I have made here!
So that 's it!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dr. says everything looks fabulous and puts me at 28 weeks. That means I pretty much have 12 weeks to go and oh my goodness!