Thursday, July 31, 2008

School is almost here!!!

As much as I want my kids to go back to school-I had a melt down the other night about my baby going to Kindergarten. He is SO small even though he'll be 6 in October and I just want him to have an awesome experience. He was so jazzed that he got a Lego Star Wars shirt and Sketchers that he has worn them for the past 4 days and I had to hide the shirt so I could wash it! He has been begging me for the past year to be able to go to Kindergarten and just yesterday he told me he wasn't going. He just wants to go to work with Dad everyday. I told him that Daddy had to go to school so he could get a good job and that he needed to do the same. Then he asked me if Dad got A's. I told him him he did and then he asked me where he kept them. Noah is such a cutie!

I finally got a car seat today -just in case! (I know-random!)

I had the most WONDERFUL baby shower on Tuesday night thrown by Tori-Ted's sister. Ted and I went to bed that night with our hearts filled with gratitude for all the sweet gifts and kindness that was showered on our family and this new little girl by our friends and family. Tori did such an amazing job with all the details and hopefully soon I will have pictures to show!

I had my Dr. appt this week (37 weeks) and nothing changing except that my hands are swelling too much. They are seriously sore and bend weird. My blood pressure is low and no weight gain. I can't complain too much except...I want to be done!!! The dr. wants to see me on Tuesday so maybe the update will be more exciting. Cross your fingers!!!

I'm off to bed because I am just really tired and have teach piano lessons, open house, and date night tomorrow. Hopefully all of those things will be pleasant!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So this is the damage and it is still looking a little green thanks to our chlorinated pool! My temper has finally cooled off and if the child would just wash her hair with the "green" shampoo I wouldn't worry so much about the color.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It started out with me at the computer for a quick check (yeah right) of all the happenings in cyberspace. Ted called me from work to tell me how much he loves me (I can dream-hee) and Noah calls from upstairs to tell me something VERY important. While I'm multi-tasking I hear "" I told Ted that I had to go and shot up the stairs as fast as a pregnant lady can go and my heart stopped for a moment. My 7-YEAR OLD had butchered her hair and it was not even close to being salvageable. I told her to go to her room...NOW! And thanks to Zoloft I calmly called Ted back to tell him the damage and made her pick up all the hair. Last week, as you recall, she had to pay me back for the carpet cleaning and now she has to pay me back for getting her hair to a somewhat decent state. Pictures will be forth-coming. In her defense, her friends are all getting their hair cut short and she wanted to be like them. But this is the girl that always gives me a hard time when we go to trim and says I want my hair cut LONG! This is the 3rd haircut she has given to herself and I thought it would stop when she got older-NOT! And to think that I am having ANOTHER girl-heaven help me!

Friday, July 18, 2008

And by the way-I lost ANOTHER 2 pounds and...the doctor's not worried! The baby is doing fabulous and next week is WEEK 35!!! I keep having gnarly contractions, but other then that the kids are STILL alive and school starts in 2 WEEKS! Ted keeps asking me what the plan is when I go into labor seeing how Noah came in 2 hours FLAT! Ted doesn't want to be caught in Phoenix rush hour traffic and neither do I. The hospital is a good 30 min. away with no! We will keep you all updated-
Eden Ann or Addyson (Addison) Ann?
What do you think?
Which one?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So what do you get when you add:
4 packets of Kool-aid
dining room carpet
1 gallon Pampered Chef pitcher?
A $70 carpet cleaning bill, hours of contractions, and
kids that were my slaves for the WHOLE day!
Let's just chalk it up to ANOTHER learning experience revolving around a girl and her misfortunes with anything liquid or involving food.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Life on the Ranch
We got to spend 4th of July weekend with Ted's brother Tim and family. They take care of a big horse ranch and we got to be "countrified" for the weekend. We even went to a rodeo and saw bull riding, roping, and barrel racing. We had a lot of fun just hanging out around the house and exploring the place. Don't you just love the flip-flops?

Unloading and washing horses!

On Sunday we went to church and then headed out to the mountains for a picnic lunch with Grandma Hearne, Aunt Linda, and the rest of the crew!

You NEVER be too prepared!

I don't know where she learned to pose like that!


Here's Grandma trying not to have a heart attack because my kids are trying to get themselves thrown off the edge. I think my blood pressure and heart rate went crazy on that edge and I'm still trying to get it down!

NOT the best picture-but what can I say? I'm almost ready to pop!

*Our 4th of July in the Mountains* the pictures are not in order. Seeing how I don't have the patience to change them, we are starting with the end of the night. After an exciting day we ended it up at Uncle Glenn's home with a BBQ and a fireworks show. They did the fireworks themselves and I have to say that it was one of the best I've ever seen. Not to mention the closest I've EVER been to one. The kids LOVED it and it was SO fun to be with family!

Let me preface the next set of pictures of Kayte by saying that if there is water to be in...Kayte will be "in." Uncle Glenn has a river down below their home and of course Kayte had to partake. She loved meeting all new cousins and playing in the water. How cute are her rain boots? She "had" to have them and they turned out to be an excellent investment!

The beginning of the day started with an awesome honest to goodness parade. Including candy, APACHE helicopters, tractors, fire engines, and floats. The APACHES were the highlight of the day. We couldn't believe that they did that. There were 4 of them and they flew so low that we could see and wave to the men. It was incredible!!! And of course, we went four wheeling with Uncle Tim a.k.a. Joe Pete. The kids couldn't get enough of being cowboys and cowgirls. They HAD to wear hats and if you look closely-I think that I'm in one of the pictures!