Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

There could be so many titles to this entry..."Holy tidal Wave!" or "I'm in love with the Candy Man aka epidural guy" or "I should have ordered my epidural when then handed me the pitocin." I have a million of these so I just better jump right in a tell Eden's birth story-

It all started at my sis-in-law's house on a bright sunny day at 2pm. I had EVERY intention on getting all of my checklist done including buying the rest of Pack Meeting items and scrubbing down my house from top to bottom. Well, as luck would have it I stood up to go and I thought to myself-"Oh my goodness! I just peed my pants!" (That happens sometimes after having 3 kids and pregnant with your fourth...totally normal...really!) I went to the restroom and lo and behold my water had broken and Tori was thrilled! I was just waiting for the contrax to start and they didn't. Tori drove me to the hospital and we met up with Ted and I seriously couldn't get out of the car because it was a tidal wave! Ted looked down and was like "What the heck?!?" He found a wheel chair and we were off to triage. We get there and funny enough that they have to check to see if my water had broken-um-HELLO! I'm still gushing water out and they are doing there little litmus test strip on the many gallons of amniotic fluid that is coming out of me. At 5 pm they finally decide that this little one is not coming on her own and they need to give me pitocin. The first thing they asked me was if I wanted an epidural once they started and I said that I would prefer to do this no epidural and let me tell you...they were excited! I really mean that! They started the pitocin at a very small dose and told me that they wanted me to go as far as I could naturally. Did you catch that? "As far as I could go naturally." Red Flag!!! When the contrax starting coming I thought that I could handle it an then I had 5 contrax that were one on top of the other and I almost broke Ted's hand. I looked at him and whispered fervently "give me the epidural." I dilated from 4.5 to 7 all within those 5 contrax and heaven help me I couldn't imagine what transition would be like. Within 5 minutes the epidural guy was there. He was a no nonsense fellow and bam-badda-bing that needle was in and out. He had to work speedy because the contrax we on top of each other-CRAZY!!! It took everything I had to be still and was like sunshine parting on the water and the heavens opened up and smiled on me! About a half hour later I looked at the nurse and asked her to check me because there was So much pressure and she told me that she would in a little while because I just got my epidural. Even though you might have an epidural-the pressure is VERY painful and no amount of numbing medicine was taking that away. She finally checked me and her facial and eye expressions were enough to tell Ted and I that it was time. She said "You are completely dilated and she's coming. I gotta go-I have to call the doctor." She was out of there SO fast and within seconds there were a bunch of people in the room and I was doing everything I could to not push for 30 MINUTES!!! There were two residences there and I was begging them to just let me push and I will sign whatever they wanted me to sign to give consent to deliver. Finally the doctor flies in and WATCHES the resident doctor deliver Eden. After 5 pushes she was out with no tears or stitches. She hardly cried and she just looked around with big eyes. She also was smacking her lips and trying to suck on everything! She was so peaceful that we immediately knew her name was going to be Eden. I had a rough go of it in the hospital with a fever and all the drama and IV antibiotics that came with it. I had to stay longer in the hospital and nursing is NOT working...again. I will pump like I have with all of my other kiddos until she decides to latch on.

Besides that-she is amazing! She has brought such a sweet spirit in our home. I love to watch Ted snuggle with her and have the kids "hands washed and ready" to hold her. It is SO hard to put her down. We have been waiting for her for so long and we just can't get enough!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eden Ann Finch
(more pics to come) . . . and details.
Baby and mom are doing well - and as you can see "resting"
Adrienne had to stay in the hospital for an extra day due to an infection+fever.
Please go to my sister's site for some very sweet pictures, etc. if you'd like.
Baby and mom should be able to come home today!! Yea!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!
The doctor scheduled my induction for the 20th and I'm trying not to freak out too much. I have been dilated to a three and thinned out and SO ready to have this baby. We spent much of our anniversary at the hospital with "false labor" and I do not want to do that here we are. Ted and I are amazed at the chance to have another baby in our home. Excited doesn't even cover it! We cannot wait to hold our beautiful little girl. I feel extremely blessed to be in our ward that is so giving and helpful. I have had dinner already brought in and I haven't even given birth. My friends are amazing!
I am petrified of the whole induction thing because I have gone into labor naturally every time before and I really don't want an epidural-I know CRAZY!!! I just recover a whole heck of a lot faster without it and if you really knew me-you would know that I am needle-phobic! Surprisingly-I have been pretty calm and haven't had a panic attack-thank you Zoloft! The one thing I remember from all my other labors is that I would constantly be bargaining with Heavenly Father. You know what I mean ladies!!! "Please-if I can just get through this...I will read my scriptures every day. If you make the pain go away...I will go visiting teaching TWICE a month. If you just let this kid be born right NOW....I will NEVER say crap again!"
That type of bargaining!
I wonder if our husbands do the same?
I wonder if it sounds like this-"If she doesn't break my hand...I will help change the diapers in the middle of the night. If you could just help her...I promise not to check on Mitt Romney's website every night. If you could just inspire her to get the epidural...I will walk on the treadmill every night like I already promised AND get up and get the kids ready for school...for a week!"
So without further ado-I'm out because-hello-I'm having a baby tomorrow!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today is our 11 year anniversary and this morning we just looked at each other and smiled. I'm not that big into jewelry and gifts, but I am grateful when special days are acknowledged. That is ALL I want! I can't believe it has been 11 years and we are both somewhat sane with 3 kids and one due ANY day. The thing I love most about Ted is his desire to keep going. He does not give up and we need that in our lives. Did I ever mention how funny he is? He can be super corny, but let me tell you...our Cub Scout pack meetings are famous! I love watching him be a good dad. My favorite is when he reads to the kids and make all the different voices or when he imitates the SNL characters. I knew that when we got married our lives would be "funny." He is a crack-up and I love to laugh, but he can be serious when he needs to be and so very tender when things happen that require him to be sensitive. He is SO the better half in our marriage. I love the way he can roll his eyes at me to let me know I'm being completely ridiculous and hysterical and then try to kiss me and make me laugh even though I still want to be mad. I appreciate his thoughtfulness. He takes time in formulating how he wants to say things when I just blurt things out without regard to feelings. He is very patient with me and I am so not. When people tell me how much they love him and how great he is...I tell them I am so lucky that he's mine and I absolutely 100% agree!

I love you Ted!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't even ask!!!

Cardinal Vs. Saints Game

First day of School

First Day of School

I know that I am a WEEK late in posting this, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself! The day started out a bit rough because the kids could not get to sleep the night before. They were so excited and nervous. We got to school and I did a quick goodbye to McKay because he didn't want me to embarrass him...sigh...10 year olds! Then Kayte was super excited that she ran to her number on the concrete, dropped her bag, and ran off to play. Then it was Noah's turn. He got the new teacher so nobody knew where the number was so we all just stood by the Kindergarten section. There were so many little ones crying that Noah looked at me as if to say "Are you serious?!?" He was so excited that NOTHING was going to deter him from his happiness. He gave me a kiss and went with his teacher without a backward glance. I have to mention that Noah and McKay's classes are right next door to each other and I have this reoccurring thought that Noah will think that it is okay to visit his older brother. I told the teacher of the possibility and she made herself a note that if Noah was missing to look in McKay's class.

Fast forward to THIS week and Noah's response to school is "It taked FOREVER Mom!!!" The only thing that keeps him going is that I promised him he could take the bus. Other than that -he continues to have a love/hate relationship with his new life. Kayte has already had her first accident involving a pencil and her eyelid...oh and a runny nose. McKay is in heaven because he Mister social butterfly and is fully engaged with ALL sports during recess. I get all the stats when he gets home. All of them are dead tired when they get home and SO super cranky. I put them all to sleep at 6 pm-gasp!

I am LOVING my days and especially if I get a nap in, but I am too busy cleaning. Ted did not realize that "nesting" was an actual term and today when he comes home...he WILL be impressed. I have officially turned into the cleaning machine. Not to mention the organization! I have packaged all my kids clothes in Zip lock bags so all they have to do is take out a bag and get dressed in the morning. I hope this will solve a lot of headaches with my sweet Noah. He thinks that it is okay to wear his Star Wars Lego shirt every day.

I have my appt. tomorrow and they had better tell me that I'm more dilated then last week because I shouldn't be in this much pain if it's not doing something! There is a full moon on the 16th, so wish me luck! I will be happy when I get to hold my little girl baby! Enjoy the pictures-