Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!
May kids have lived to see another year and I'm not in an insane asylum.
Truly this is something to celebrate!

I've decided to post my childrens Christmas lists because I want to remember them for a LONG time...just so I can laugh! I 'm not going to change the spelling, wording, or punctuation...a translator for Kayte's might me a good idea! It's that good!

McKay's List:
ramp (you know what I mean)
Leven Thumps 5 don't need to buy till I finish 3 and 4
scooter (optional)
plastic sword and or light saber (not cheap) (please)
my own room (please I beg you)
Teck Deck or other (mini skateboards) and or Flip Tricks (mini bikes)
Football (Willson)
DSI or DS with one game I would like

Kayte's list:
1. Fure Pet
2. Cup cake and Ice cream muker real of it
3. D.S. and games for it
4. The little pet shop stuff animals
5. Bart girls on barbie stile
6. One more game for gameboy
7. A Hanah Matana wig
8. Hanah Matana lip stike
9. fake vampir teeth glow in the dark
10. A pencile sarpener
11. A serct diry
12. Little pet shop coler book
13. A sooby Dooy do movie
14. A purse that has Hanah Mantana on it
15. A look a like doll
16. A Hanah Mantana jeep
17. I like a doll
18. fake eay lashes
19. A love neaklis
20. A love baslist
21. Some homework
22. Some Kool-Aid
23. Some lots of candy
24. A little puppy
25. A little coler for her neak
26. Some lots of make up
27. Some Jerlerey
28. A tea set
29. And some spoons for my tea set
43. Talor Swith shoes

I belive in you Santa I do
can you just bring some of my prestents please

Noah's list-
I wish I can have DS
Lego Indiana Jones for Wii $20
lego ship
and a jeep

There are a couple of things I noticed that I probably should be concerned about, but because it's Christmas...I'll let it go!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

FINALLY found the camera!
GOOD times ahead!
POSTing soon........I promise!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009's COLD outside!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Birthday Girl!First Day of School
(notice the pencil behind Noah's ear)

Trying to Walk

Eden's birthday cake!

My beautiful one year old!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is what happens when Ted decides to give the babe peach ice cream.

She screamed every time she wanted another bite.

Did she sleep that night? No!

Does she get any more peach Ice cream? No!

Ted took care of her that night...hee!

This is mostly for G-ma and G-pa.

This is a typical FHM (Family Home Moment) in the Finch house.

We SO know how to "break it down!"

This is Eden dancing and sorry about the quality.

Camera phones only capture so much! She is so dang cute!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

We are officially in Utah!
Eden's blowing kisses to you all..we miss our AZ family and friends!
We are enjoying the weather and the plethora of children my kids get to go with and wander aimlessly about. Ted is working hard and recently just started our own company with FHTM. We are really jazzed about it (more info will be forth coming) !!! I am STILL unpacking and finding uses for our basement. (We've never had one before!) Our ward is HUGE! Palm Valley has nothing on this one! There are 750 ACTIVE members and we are always introducing
because there's a good chance that they are new too.
Now that we have Internet (YEAH!) I will be on more often!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We are GOOD at hanging out!
We are also STILL alive and kickin'! (Well-some of us are...)

The there!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Here are my crazies!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

UTAH it is!
SO ever since Ted got the job in UT, I have heard the good, the bad, and the ugly!
I vaguely remember the "BYU" days and I loved Thanksgiving last year in Orem.
Other than that-I just don't know what I'm getting myself into.
I have heard that I need to keep my testimony strong so
I don't confuse the "church" with the gospel.
I've been told that I will see every sort of Jell-o concoction imaginable.
Oh...and I might be able to try out for the Mo-Tab!
We will be heading up there at the end of the school year in May and that is a huge relief to me. McKay will be in a cast until then and I would like to keep the same doctor because of the type of break. Oh yea...he broke his tibia right by the growth plate. It happened on the trampoline, but it wasn't because of the trampoline. HUGE difference! One of the neighborhood boys thought that it would be okay to try out a WWF move on his leg unbeknownst to McKay. I am so thankful to have insurance! Being in a cast bites!!!
I also caught the flu! Thanks to my good Canadian friend-J...I'm much better! She's got the good stuff (AKA contraband) thera-flu that you can't get here in the USA.
We are adjusting to living as a family of 12...good thing I decided to refill my Zoloft prescription.
And the looks that I get from the cashiers at the grocery store when I come through with 10 bags of cereal, 3 bags of chicken, 10 boxes of Popsicles, 4 gallons of milk, 2 bags of string cheese, 2 gallons of OJ, 4 bags of assorted chips, 15 things of baby food, and tons of fruit, bread....
Their expression is priceless when I tell them that this feeds a family of 12 for a week. They look at me like "Say What?!?" Then "Are they all yours ?"
Good. Times.
another two words
Spring. Break.
Holy. Cow.
Shoot. Me.
Solitary. Confinement.
Got. it?
Hungry baby!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Please see this link see what's happening in the Finch house!
Ted had an interview in Utah yesterday and it was AWESOME! Who knows? I may be coming to see you Mom and Dad!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

*Update on Job interview*
Ted's interview went well, and found out that he was 1 of 300 applicants. They have narrowed it down to a dozen and he will have another interview in March (hopefully!). We have been praying that they will speed up their time table because not having a job=not having any money. We are planning on moving on the 21st of this month to Tori and Loren's (bless thier hearts!!!) And from there I have NO idea what the heck we are doing, but we will be okay. Thanks for all your prayers and fasting in our behalf. We have felt peace and calm...
well most of the time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eden ROLLS over and Star Wars in Sacrament meeting!

Noah was having a hard time during Sacrament meeting on Sunday-this is a weekly battle! While the bread was being passed I asked Noah who he was supposed to be thinking about. He quietly said, "Jesus." I told him that that was correct and that we can also think about the things that we believe in. He sat their for about two whole minutes and said LOUDLY, "I believe in Star Wars!" Okay-no more battlefront Start Wars X-box game for him!!!

Eden can officially roll over and over and over! She like bananas and sweet potatoes. Her stats for 5 months are:
11 lbs 15oz
24 inches

She is still teeny-tiny!

Ted is flying to WA tomorrow. Cross your fingers and say some prayers that this is going to work and that he comes home to a semi-sane wife.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is purely for posterity sake.
I'm never in this is for my kids.
(And a before picture because I am going to be a working out QUEEN!)


It is not a fun place to be, but we are hanging in there.
We have confidence in the Lord, and know that He will lead us where to go.
Our options are W I D E open.
We have limited time for obvious
AND the house we are renting is in FORECLOSURE!!!
Let me tell you-we don't mess around-hee!

I am enjoying the compainnship (not a typo-ha!) of my sweet Ted.
I have been able to help in Noah's class.
I have given up Dr. Pepper since 2 Sundays ago.
I have been purging my house of clutter and ancient items of NO value!
I have been trying to convince Ted that packing 10 boxes a day is GREAT!
My kids are LOVING their dad around.
Pray for us! Pray for my sanity...Zoloft can only help so much-

Here are some pictures...just because!