Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eden ROLLS over and Star Wars in Sacrament meeting!

Noah was having a hard time during Sacrament meeting on Sunday-this is a weekly battle! While the bread was being passed I asked Noah who he was supposed to be thinking about. He quietly said, "Jesus." I told him that that was correct and that we can also think about the things that we believe in. He sat their for about two whole minutes and said LOUDLY, "I believe in Star Wars!" Okay-no more battlefront Start Wars X-box game for him!!!

Eden can officially roll over and over and over! She like bananas and sweet potatoes. Her stats for 5 months are:
11 lbs 15oz
24 inches

She is still teeny-tiny!

Ted is flying to WA tomorrow. Cross your fingers and say some prayers that this is going to work and that he comes home to a semi-sane wife.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is purely for posterity sake.
I'm never in pictures...so this is for my kids.
(And a before picture because I am going to be a working out QUEEN!)


It is not a fun place to be, but we are hanging in there.
We have confidence in the Lord, and know that He will lead us where to go.
Our options are W I D E open.
We have limited time for obvious reasons...money-
AND the house we are renting is in FORECLOSURE!!!
Let me tell you-we don't mess around-hee!

I am enjoying the compainnship (not a typo-ha!) of my sweet Ted.
I have been able to help in Noah's class.
I have given up Dr. Pepper since 2 Sundays ago.
I have been purging my house of clutter and ancient items of NO value!
I have been trying to convince Ted that packing 10 boxes a day is GREAT!
My kids are LOVING their dad around.
Pray for us! Pray for my sanity...Zoloft can only help so much-

Here are some pictures...just because!