Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is what happens when Ted decides to give the babe peach ice cream.

She screamed every time she wanted another bite.

Did she sleep that night? No!

Does she get any more peach Ice cream? No!

Ted took care of her that night...hee!

This is mostly for G-ma and G-pa.

This is a typical FHM (Family Home Moment) in the Finch house.

We SO know how to "break it down!"

This is Eden dancing and sorry about the quality.

Camera phones only capture so much! She is so dang cute!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

We are officially in Utah!
Eden's blowing kisses to you all..we miss our AZ family and friends!
We are enjoying the weather and the plethora of children my kids get to go with and wander aimlessly about. Ted is working hard and recently just started our own company with FHTM. We are really jazzed about it (more info will be forth coming) !!! I am STILL unpacking and finding uses for our basement. (We've never had one before!) Our ward is HUGE! Palm Valley has nothing on this one! There are 750 ACTIVE members and we are always introducing
because there's a good chance that they are new too.
Now that we have Internet (YEAH!) I will be on more often!