Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!
May kids have lived to see another year and I'm not in an insane asylum.
Truly this is something to celebrate!

I've decided to post my childrens Christmas lists because I want to remember them for a LONG time...just so I can laugh! I 'm not going to change the spelling, wording, or punctuation...a translator for Kayte's might me a good idea! It's that good!

McKay's List:
ramp (you know what I mean)
Leven Thumps 5 don't need to buy till I finish 3 and 4
scooter (optional)
plastic sword and or light saber (not cheap) (please)
my own room (please I beg you)
Teck Deck or other (mini skateboards) and or Flip Tricks (mini bikes)
Football (Willson)
DSI or DS with one game I would like

Kayte's list:
1. Fure Pet
2. Cup cake and Ice cream muker real of it
3. D.S. and games for it
4. The little pet shop stuff animals
5. Bart girls on barbie stile
6. One more game for gameboy
7. A Hanah Matana wig
8. Hanah Matana lip stike
9. fake vampir teeth glow in the dark
10. A pencile sarpener
11. A serct diry
12. Little pet shop coler book
13. A sooby Dooy do movie
14. A purse that has Hanah Mantana on it
15. A look a like doll
16. A Hanah Mantana jeep
17. I like a doll
18. fake eay lashes
19. A love neaklis
20. A love baslist
21. Some homework
22. Some Kool-Aid
23. Some lots of candy
24. A little puppy
25. A little coler for her neak
26. Some lots of make up
27. Some Jerlerey
28. A tea set
29. And some spoons for my tea set
43. Talor Swith shoes

I belive in you Santa I do
can you just bring some of my prestents please

Noah's list-
I wish I can have DS
Lego Indiana Jones for Wii $20
lego ship
and a jeep

There are a couple of things I noticed that I probably should be concerned about, but because it's Christmas...I'll let it go!