Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 January Update
Ted has been called as the 11 year old scout leader and is actually excited about this! McKay is as well! He loves catching all the BYU sports he can get his hands and ears on. There have been many a countless nights of falling asleep to ksl post-game shows. He is having a blast playing on Photoshop and will one day teach me "all" he knows. Ted is also planning on passing his exams to become a fully licensed Landscape Architect pending the economy. Tests are extremely expensive-ouch! He got to go ice fishing with the boys on Saturday. They caught a tiny fish that they think I'm going to cook and smell up my entire house just so McKay can pass of a merit badge-NOT!
We saw Avatar in 3-D and thought it was pretty cool.
I've been busy with Primary, piano, and just kids. We have gone through the stomach flu more times than I'd like to remember. I am officially starting HCG diet on Monday-FOR REALS this time! I need to shed about...#@!* so many pounds and it is WAY over due! Prayers would be ever so helpful. I will need some serious divine help. Especially since I am giving up Dr. Pepper and heaven help my kids to survive this craziness!
McKay is your typical 11 year old BOY. We (yes, we) have almost finished the dreaded "UTAH" science fair project. He loves throwing snowballs and jumping off man made snow ramps on sleds. He walks Cricket when asked and enjoys NOT doing his chores. What else is new?!? He really is a good kid and tries hard to do what's right. It is really hard sometimes to hear what goes on at school and not completely FREAK out. There are some days I want to home school...and then the feeling passes-hee! We have lots of learning opportunities to teach the gospel when he decides to share his school "experiences."
Kayte is such a GIRL! Thank goodness, right? She is full of make-up, singing, and drama. Let's just say she's FULL of it! She is the only one that Eden will go to in the morning. She loves to antagonize her brothers just about EVERYDAY of their lives. Even in Sacrament meeting-arg! She is a great shopping buddy and always wants candy. Surprised? With a mother like me?
Noah is...Noah. There are no words! He loves to antagonize Eden. I will be surprised if she lives to see 2. My mother-in-law Teddy told me that when Ted was small, she had to love him into doing things. You could not tell Ted what to do. Guess what, Noah is Ted!!!! I told her that I do not have enough love-lol! Noah loves to draw pictures in Sacrament meeting about how he's going to hurt his brother and sister with captions. Lest you think he is a total sociopath, they do the same to him. Yes, they are ALL sociopaths! That is how they communicate in silence. I wish I could scan the pictures for you to are worth a thousand words! Noah is actually quite the cuddle-bug and still as sweet as can be when things are going his way. He has an AWESOME voice on him. I love to listen to him sing! He is my morning reminder to read scriptures before they head out into the lone and dreary world-lol!
Eden is my sweet and sassy girl! She can say hi, no, no way, go away, thank you, love you, doggy, daddy, mommy, eye...and lots of other babbling. She can definitely hold her own and it not afraid to scratch your eye out or pinch your cheeks. She gives the biggest cheesy grin and has 12 teeth that are SO cute! She has no hair, but look at Ted, right?!? I love to just squish, kiss, cuddle, and eat her up! She is adorable and busts out the moves...again-Ted?!? We will be working on sleeping in her own bed and getting rid of the bink. Heaven help us with that too. I'm seriously asking for a lot of divine intervention here.
We are loving the winter season. IT is quite the change for us, but I think we are all adjusting. Even Cricket, the dog. She was made for this weather! She barks at the snow...hilarious!
Okay-hopefully we will get some pictures in the next week, but I'm hoping for monthly updated through the year.

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skcoe said...

No Doctor Pepper? You're a brave woman. Call me if you need to come over and smell some of mine. :) No, really, I need to stop drinking so much too. I've never been much of a soda drinker until my husband brought home FIVE 12 packs of Dr. Pepper and there's always some on hand. It's an illness!

You do great in Primary. FYI.