Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Vacation 2009

Lovin' the snow!

I had to throw this in because she is so dang cute!

All bundled up!

This is what you do in Utah.

My kids teachers LOVED their gift!

Eden found the black marker!

My love!

Sledding with cousins. First time EVER! So FUN!

Christmas Eve at our house complete with fiesta and UGLY sweater contest. comment. The sweater says it all. Tee-hee!
This is a three-way tie!
" fits!"


RedefinedPossibilities said...

WE really did have some fun moments!!!

Gavin and Shawna said...

ted totally looks like howie mandel...and those sweaters could realistically all be pulled from you and ann-marie's wadrobe about 20 years ago=)
it looks like u guys had a blast...good times=)

Jaren and Kari said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! And I love your kid's Christmas lists! They're hilarious! We need to go to lunch soon! :)

skcoe said...

Those lovely shirt jackets are to die for! HAH.

I can't wait to get my scrapbook room and vinyl EVERYTHING in sight! The Germ Killer is adorable.

Tori said...

I am so glad you posted these! He wouldn't send them to me for fear of this happening! lol

And Eden has hair! Woo Hoo!

It's in the low 70s here all week. So come back.

And these are great pics for your first digi layouts. Now let's see 'em!

brittany said...

hey! hugs and kisses to you!! I lost your link somewhere in my old computer and I'm so glad to be able to peek in here and there again.

I couldn't find your email, so I thought I'd answer your question here:) The painting is 6 x 6 inches square and is on clayboard (which is just an art panel covered in a thin layer of clay so you can carve in it. so. much. fun. to work with.)

love to you and your cute family.


Lissy said...

Hey! Can't believe how big your kids are - they are so cute! I love you're teacher gift idea, so creative. :)

Adam and Jess said...

I know this post is old, sorry. I just couldn't pass it up. The sweater contest, hilarious. I loved Dave and Loralee's idea. Ted does totally look like Howie Mundell:) Your kids Christmas lists made me crack up too. I thought in a couple of the pictures that Eden looked like Bree to me.