Friday, January 29, 2010

So here are some digital scrapbook pages that I just did!
Pretty amazing..after a few tears, a whole "sleeve" of Ritz crackers, and reassurance from my awesome sis Tori.
I did it!!!
She said "welcome to the dark side-mwhaaaa!"
I LOVE Jessica Sprague and her classes!


Sunshine said...

These are awesome! Is this a program? I need to get on the ball. Any suggestions?

skcoe said...

You must tell me TOMORROW what program you're using! Love them. And I think that if I ever really want to get caught up on my kids, digital is the way to go. (sigh) So I'm diving in too...

Debbie said...

These are SO BEAUTIFUL! My pages look NOTHING like this kind of good. Who is this lady and how do I take her classes? :)