Monday, May 10, 2010

MAY 2010
Happy Mothers Day to me...I wanted family pictures and my sister Kimmy obliged. She is an amazing photographer. These are originals and I will know they will look even more fantastic once they are edited. I just needed to put some up so everyone can see my beautiful family.
I am truly blessed to be a mother. There are many things that are frustrating and hard, but there are MORE wonderful things that balances it all out.
Things that I love:
McKay's love for reading. We discuss books ALL the time and think that we could be champions at a Harry Potter trivial pursuit.
Kayte's love of singing. She could put on a show everyday. Loves to perform!
Noah's love for justice, fairness, and exactness. AMEN!
Eden's love for snuggling. I can't get enough!
Things that I love about MY Mom:
She knows how to text.
She has a blog and facebook page.
She is EVERYTHING domesticated!
She is a classy lady.
She can laugh at herself.
Eden Ann is named after her.
She has a mother heart!
She is a wonderful example of goodness.
Things I love about my mother in law-Teddy:
She loves even when it hurts.
She raised WONDERFUL children.
She is THE most giving person I know.
Teddy Kayte is named after her.
I love them so much!