Monday, May 10, 2010

MAY 2010
Happy Mothers Day to me...I wanted family pictures and my sister Kimmy obliged. She is an amazing photographer. These are originals and I will know they will look even more fantastic once they are edited. I just needed to put some up so everyone can see my beautiful family.
I am truly blessed to be a mother. There are many things that are frustrating and hard, but there are MORE wonderful things that balances it all out.
Things that I love:
McKay's love for reading. We discuss books ALL the time and think that we could be champions at a Harry Potter trivial pursuit.
Kayte's love of singing. She could put on a show everyday. Loves to perform!
Noah's love for justice, fairness, and exactness. AMEN!
Eden's love for snuggling. I can't get enough!
Things that I love about MY Mom:
She knows how to text.
She has a blog and facebook page.
She is EVERYTHING domesticated!
She is a classy lady.
She can laugh at herself.
Eden Ann is named after her.
She has a mother heart!
She is a wonderful example of goodness.
Things I love about my mother in law-Teddy:
She loves even when it hurts.
She raised WONDERFUL children.
She is THE most giving person I know.
Teddy Kayte is named after her.
I love them so much!


Snap Me a Smile Photography said...

Ahh! They turned out SOOO cute even without any editing done! I'm so excited to finish them for you! yay!

Shannon said...

Um, Jealous and Gorgeous are the only two things I can think to say about the pictures!

Love the tribute to your kids and Moms. You are awesome. Miss you!

RedefinedPossibilities said...

I love you too. The pictures are fun - I have such beautiful grandchildren!!!! And I love your your mother-in-law, Teddy. She has a Christ-centered love for all. You are blessed Adrienne.

Collette said...

Gorgeous! Great family pictures!

Debbie said...

Ooo. I love the color scheme. Nice choice. You guys look so cute and fabulous. And a sweet tribute as well, A. Love you!

skcoe said...

LOVE the pictures, how great do you all look?!

I love that your mom knows how to laugh at herself. It's a talent that not NEARLY enough people possess!

Can't wait to see all your cute stuff at the boutique...

Misty said...

What a darling family! How old is your baby girl? I think you may have told me last week, but I can't remember.