Friday, July 16, 2010

I seem to be only good at dong this every couple of months or so. Since it has been a couple of months-here we go!

Ted got laid off a week before Memorial Day and our life has been a little bit turned upside down and well...crazy. But that is the name of my blog, so I guess I will take it. We have been extremely blessed with temporary jobs. Ted has decided and felt prompted to take the tests for him to become a fully certified landscape architect. This will be a challenge for us time and money wise, but we up to it. It will be such a huge boost in his ability to acquire more jobs and confidence in himself. He has been doing this for almost over 13 years now, and I know he can do this. His knowledge is astounding and not only that, he actually can apply it. There are so many landscape architects out there that only know things on paper, but he has been in the trenches (literally) and understands how things work. He is amazing! He also has been called to serve as the 9 year old Primary teacher and 11 year old scout leader. He has his hands full, but loves it! Ted and McKay are at scout camp this week having a blast and doing all the "manly" stuff he can take in. This was an awesome opportunity for him to go, and I'm glad he is having fun...He told me this after he walked 5 miles to call me and check in. THAT is true love!

I'm busy holding the fort down. What else is new? Not much. I'm serving in the nursery and am the ward choir accompanist. It's all good. I'm definitely exhausted by the time church is over with. I usually am in need of a serious nap and is good birth control-lol! They really are adorable! I'm still teaching piano, and I swear this will be my long-life job. I struggle with the decision to teach every year, but then when I get called to every church calling that has to do with piano-I know that I need to keep teaching! I just recently started watching "Glee." It is totally irreverent, but I feel like singing again. I truly miss singing! I got to see my Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Floyd, and Ruth (cousin) sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I know for sure that I want to do that. It was awe-inspiring! I cried pretty much the entire time.

I cried because the spirit was so strong.

I cried because this was my grandpa's life-long dream.

I cried because i was surround by my family.

I cried because the music was absolutely beautiful.

I cried because I long to be up there singing.

One day!

McKay is doing awesome. He is just a good kid. I am so blessed to have him, and have noticed that especially this week. He will be 12 on the 20th. I can't believe it! I remember every detail about him coming into our family. From first time we said decided what his name was going to be until his actual labor and delivery. If I could give him anything for his birthday it would be to always have the confidence to stick to his convictions. To be true to what he believes in!

Kayte is trying her best to imitate me in everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I need to do better! I was rocking out on the piano one day and I didn't notice that she was sitting on the couch behind me. After I was done, she asked me to do it again because she wanted to learn how. She also asks me every night to sing "like when I'm trying to get Eden asleep." I forget that my greatest and best audience is my kids.

Noah is full of spunkiness and a lot of other stuff! We are slowly, but surely working on his anger management issues. This week has set him back because of Scout Camp. It broke his heart when he was told that he couldn't go. I can't wait for October when he turns 8 and can be a Cub Scout! That will be a great thing for him-

Eden is almost 2 and I'm in denial! She is such a sweet little girl. She is just like the others and their spunkiness and sass. She is the only one of my kiddos that doesn't have blue eyes and white hair. I catch myself staring at her because she looks different. Her hair is strawberry blond and her eyes are gray. She is beautiful!

Like I life is crazy, but there are moments when I feel like it's paradise!


RedefinedPossibilities said...

It is all good!!!

Debbie said...

Sorry about Ted's job! We're about to be in the same boat. Jim is likely going to be out of work in less than a month. Oh the joys. But we'll be praying for you. I know he'll do awesome at the tests and I'm sure they'll be a big blessing.
And I had to laugh at the birth control comment! haha! I'm with ya. I've got the Sunbeams/CTR 4 kids and I get done with my 'restful Sunday' needing more rest than ever! :)
Well, hang in there. I love ya!
Oh and PS... you will be awesome in the MoTab one day!!!

Lissy said...

Hi! Such a nice post! You have such a beautiful family. Hope everything turns out great for you!

Zi said...

Cool blog!
I followed you and will check back daily. Please come visit my blog too?
I always return my comments :)