Sunday, September 30, 2012

For my posterity's sake...

It has been FOR-EVER since I last posted.  The reason I'm even still around is that my kids decided to go back and look on this blog and we spent over an hour reading through it.  We all loved it!  I really don't keep a journal and this is probably the closest thing that will come to it.

So...where to begin?  I haven't a clue.

I really miss those good ol' days snuggling up with my kids in bed and having teeny tiny babies to cuddle.  Our lives are so different now that everyone is so much older.  We are back in the land called Hades.  It has been a struggle, but we are grateful for jobs and pretty good kids.

Ted is working for a Landscape architecture firm and I am a choir and musical theater director at a charter school.  Teacher at a school you say?!?  I know...some days it is still hard to believe.

McKay is a freshman in high school and with that comes a whole lotta change and challenges.  He is so smart.  Book smart and smart mouth that is-lol!  He is busy with scouts, school , and piano.  He will be starting up baseball before we know it and then we will never see him...sigh.  He is going to church dances, football games, art club...and hanging out with his friends.  He is a great kid!

Teddy Kayte is still such a spitfire.  Everyone at school knows her as Teddy and I laugh every time I hear it because she is still my Kayte.  She is attending the performing arts school where I teach.  She is truly becoming such a beautiful young woman.  She is in one of the ballet companies at school and has a wonderful homeroom teacher.  She is busy with school work and piano.  Kayte gets taller by the second.  She keeps growing and I wonder if she will pass her brother...he wonders that too.

Noah is awesome!  His most favorite thing to do in his life is to play with his cousin Abram.  They are inseparable...until we in fact have to separate them.  Then comes the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  He  loves an sort of electronic device and would rather eat quesadillas for the rest of his life.  He is an outstanding pianist.  He cracks me up when I hear him complain that a certain piece is too difficult and then 5 minutes later he has it memorized.  He and his cousin have their favorite tree at church that they have claimed for themselves. He has to be on his 4th pair of church pants...they like to climb it right after church.  He struggles daily with his O.D.D.  and all that it entails.  We are learning as a family to be helpful to him instead of antagonize him.  

Eden is too big for her little sassy self.  She is in pre-K at the same school I teach and LOVES it.  She still misses Ms "B" who was her previous teacher, but she loves to play on the computer and write her name.  She is also taking ballet at school and loves to get her uniform on.  She is so cute!  She just participated in her first Primary Sacrament program that she actually had a line...she did it.  She said,  "I'm gwatful fow good fwends."  Translation- I'm grateful for good friends.  She is little miss independent and loves life.  She is a bundle of energy and begs me to let her have a piano lesson when we are at the studio.

So that is a little glimpse into our "crazy"lives!

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Sherrie said...

Yay for family updates! Thanks for posting.